Thursday, 27 December 2007

Office , not so sweet office...

After a week of great vacation at home, the day has come, the day to go back to a place somewhere in between the fifth and sixth levels of hell,Bangalore, more obviously the office. Nothing could get ever worse as this. I really hate this time, going back to office after a so called "long break". I don't know why, may be because my mind is a little bit upset today due to Arsenal losing some points yesterday. I don't know the real reason.
This time tomorrow I will be writing some code or design that has nothing to do with any sort of creativity. I feel very bad at times and sometimes I really like the work. I am not able to logically relate things I am doing.. Sometimes I really don't know what to do, my mind wanders into the unknown.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

In the office on a high!!!

Nothing feels as good as writing software requirements and having discussion with a senior systems architect when you have downed a couple of pints of beer. That’s kind of situation I am in. It was supposed to be a b’day treat of my so called “project leader” who is really a member of a “Mafia” headed by me in facebook, strange isn’t it? I just can’t imagine what the hell I’ll go and discuss in front of a highly senior and respected guy. At this point the best I can do is analyze the relation between Narendra Modi and sensibility. Things seem to be funny. All my team mates are on a high except one. A great socialistic team.

I can feel my eyes drooping when I type in this. Aaaha!!! What a pleasure it is.

Need to look into certain things about which I should make my genuine comments. I really don’t know what is the scope of this project. What I know is I will get paid for all sort of illogical things I write, say and design. Hope my appraiser won’t see this!!!!