Saturday, 31 March 2007

Totally Glad Its Friday!!

Actually one of my colleague, obviously female, asked what is so big about Friday.Friday is obviously the days every bachelor look for, except for some folks who toil on the golden Saturdays too. There are 3 obvious reasons that Friday is important.
1. No need to see angry manger's face for the next 2 days.
2. Bachelor is single, so no need to take his wife and children to shopping, movies etc etc.
3. Third reason know what??
After having a tough week behind its great to have a pint with friends, going out with friends. We are not into our usual college day activities because of this. The girls in my college really feared a group of four, I, maman, anilesh and ajmal. They just were not able to get past us without getting a comment. It was fun to see that fear in their eyes whenever they passed us. To all those girls who were victims to our songs and our commentary, we didn't want to hurt you in any sense. God forbid, no girls had courage to open mouth against us. We are grateful to you. If you girls ever pass me by and happens to remember this cute face, say a hi.
Back to Friday: During those good'ol college days we didn't have a discrimination towards any days. We treated each day equally. But only Saturday and Sunday were grateful for our attitude towards them and repaid it with a great weekend during the hard times(5 working days).
Being a bachelor we can do anything we want, we won't be followed by the wife's spying eyes. We can drink endlessly(if you drink) not caring about the time to reach home, we can date any girl(if they are willing to date us) without facing a woman's wrath etc etc. The fact that these are not physically possible on a week day, makes friday night extremely important. I think I have cleared my colleague's doubt.
Actually we had a Chennai trip planned for the weekend to pay a visit to our Chennai comrades, but had to drop because of this. Now I have to sort out the plans for the weekend. I may buy a new mobile, the 4 th one in four months. *SIGH*Its not dad's money if it was I could kiss my life a good bye.
PS: For all the cute girls out there, a handsome, young and gentleman is available for the weekend. I meant cute girl, not you:-)
STATUTORY WARNING: Being a bachelor may seriously injure your health due to to relentless self abuse of various substances. Enjoy life. Enjoy it safely.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

My close encounter with a prostitute of the third kind

I saw her in a winding street on a hot summer afternoon. She smiled at me. Her smile had something that still haunts me. Her eyes had the sparkle that took me to a myriad of dreams whenever I looked into it. Her touch had the fire that melts me to the death. Her lips had the warmth of a mother's milk. Whenever she caressed me I let myself fall into a state of eternal bliss. I never wanted to come back. Her gentle stroking of my hair made me calm in every state of distress . Her kisses made me to succumb. I was her slave. I thought she belonged to me.
One day she saw more money and she never came back. I could feel my stomach sink, gravity had no meaning. I felt as if I am dying. I could feel my body rise into the eternal sunshine of the heaven. I could feel my body burn. My existence has come to an end.

I saw her again, in the winding road to heaven. She was still smiling at me.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Why I blog a little too much?

I am here no for a competition but throw light on what an average human being thinks and does. Right to expression is my fundamental right. I hurt nobody's beliefs or egos. I am expressing myself in the blogosphere, I want to be heard. I am here not to impress anyone. As everyone, I also am interested in others opinion regarding my thought. That's why I write this. My style of writing may not be humorous like some others. Everything is relative. Life, Happiness, Intelligence , everything. Nothing is absolute in this monotonous world. Even love is relative. I had a feeling that love is absolute. I was again proved wrong in my life. The life has boringly became a destination of getting a multi million dollar salary and adding a jaguar to the garage where a Mercedes is already present. Nobody has time for others. Even god seems to be uninterested. People resort to various sort of intoxication to relax themselves from all those tensions.
Jim Morrison is truly a genius
"Have you forgotten the keys
To the kingdom
Have you been borne yet
& are you alive?"
Life laughs sarcastically at us. We run till we find ourself in a situation where people look upon as a successful human being. Yet again a life fails. We want others to say we are happy and successful. At that point our heart says "You failed miserably." Life is cruel, not only at times but always. A person is happy only when he is kid, where he is pampered my mother's love, father's care. He enjoys the warm milk from his mother's breasts. Nothing in this world could beat a mother's love. Be it a poor man's boy or a billionaire's son he is treated like a prince. He starts going to school, happiness ends and worries starts, he starts worrying about tomorrow. Life ends.

"He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home."

Monday, 26 March 2007

Nothing is as beautiful as SLOGGING

9am....Posted later:::The dream is over for the men in blue. Now they can return home happily and spend some time with their family. Today is Monday the best day in the week. No day is as interesting as Monday. The beauty lies in the art of slogging from 9 am to 10 pm. I feel rejuvenated on Monday evening after working for 12-13 hours. I feel completely refreshed after an exhausting weekend of taking rest. Nothing equals joy that the work brings. I feel hungry now, will continue writing non sense after having breakfast till the "Manager" comes. So far nobody in my team has reached the office. Those lazy people didn't seem to have any responsibilities unlike me(*sigh*).
***back after having breakfast***
My parents were supposed to reach Bangalore by 10 am on Saturday but reached around 5 pm.Thanks to "the efficiency" of Air Deccan. I spent most of the time with them for the past two days. They brought a sort of hair oil to prevent their son's head resembling Gandhi's (forgive me Sir)at the age of 25 which will highly depreciate my value in the "marriage market" even if I get a million as a salary. That means I should avoid all sort of gels, colours and shampoos that I used till yesterday to nourish my hair. Parents always know, what is right for their children.
Bulshee came back after attending the wedding of his classmate.
It is going to be a normal day for me. Nowadays my life seems o be quite bland. I feel it misses all sort of vibrant colours it had. The reason : May be I don't know..

"I would rather be a coward than brave because people hurt you when you are brave" E.M Forster

Read the previous one first....


Prof: Where you are from?
Prof:hmm..wt abt you?
Ragav: Sir Trivandrum..
Prof: Didn't you hear me.
Me: Sir trivandrum..
I saw my record hurled towards me. I didn't get time to duck and hit it on my face, damaging my ego in front of girls. He yelled"Ningal trivandrumkaar ellavarum koodi enne pottan aakkan nokkukayano".For those who know malayalam here is the translation"Are you trivandrum guys trying to make me a fool?". It was all over.
Later that day he called our home and we were labelled as criminals by the profs and our photos were sticked in all Notice board under the label "BEWARE."

Memoirs from the good old days

One of my college mate got married yesterday. One of my classmate, moreover my labmate is getting married in July. The guy who is marrying her must be lucky. I have seen no other girl as patient as she is. She has tolerated me, Ragav and Anilesh for an entire semester in the mechanical lab and our quixotic ideas in doing the experiment and getting the readings. We used to draw the graphs which were so ideal that even Bernoulli would have doubt regarding the credibility of his principle. For those who are ignorant about Bernoulli: he was a barber in a saloon near our college.
The mechanical lab was the most incidental in my college life apart from Nov 18th, a day before CAT, which I may post later. Their was a procedure during the lab days that we have to get the rough record signed the day after the lab and the fair one before the next lab if we do not need to attain a state of nirvana for the next lab day. I still don't know, was it because of our sharp memory or due to our belief in SATAN, dangerous than the real version, we forgot to do all those things. We went to see the Prof a day before the lab only to find ourself in a situation which cannot get worse, he left to Dubai the day before to promote our college, among NRIs. We really didn't want to miss the lab so we decided to be creative. At that time I was famous(I don't lie) for forging the signature of our hostel warden so that guys didn't have to wait for him to go home. In fact I have given the inmates more number of permissions than him. The warden really was a good guy. So I(no we!!) decided to forge the signature yet again. I took the blessings of Maman, god of all forgery and malpractices, and I tried. SUCCESS!! Ragav and Anilesh(he did it himself in the end) were in complete praise for my skill in the area. I bragged myself in front of girls that if anyone wants to get your record signed, just come to me !!
Days and months passed by We still were the kings in class. The D day has come. the day of viva voce. We packed ourself with each and every concept in fluid mechanics in a such a manner that we feared that we may be conferred a Doctorate for our effort. It was a group viva, so your relative performance really matters. Anilu went and started answering with ease. Then came the moment. We saw his rough record fluttering in the air. At first we thought that the professor impressed with his answering skills asked him to write the equation for the trajectory of the record. It was Ragav who discoeverd the real reason. He was caught for forging the SIGNATURE. We started sweating. Then came our turn. He asked us "has anyone in our group forged my signature?". I started crying to get Prof's sympathy and said"Evil made me do that mistake." Surprised to see me crying Ragav also copied me. It didn't have any effect on him. He started saying this is our last day in college, he is going to complain to Director. He really scared us a hell, really. He calmed down a little and started asking where we are from.
****continued read the next one*****

Friday, 23 March 2007

Written a long time back.....

I wrote this long time back when it was te world cup football...I had a fight with mom regarding what to watch which ended up mom winning and I writing this...

The Great Divide:The Men, the sports, the women

Actually my mom was the motivation for me to do this post. She was so adamant about watching those television soaps , that has nothing to do with human intellect infact nibbling away our capacity to think, just like a maggot in a mango, while i will be seriously watching the biggest sporting event in this world. Nobody could be blamed upon for this, even that ekta kapoor and her likes. They have a foothold just because there are a lot of people watching and crying this so called serial craps.
Sports s just like what Hummer fans say "Either you like it or you simply hate it." I belong to thefirst legion who always love to drink, eat and sleep sports. There is no way to reconcile these two incompatible personas.
Nothing in this world divide humanity more ruthlessly as sports do. For one it will be his passion for life time but for other nothing in this world seems to be more puerile. Even a person who is having biceps of the size of a pencil may have a sporting knowledge starting from encyclopaedic and ends somewhere near psychatric. But to the far side of this habit there are persons, mostly women, wondering why this football thing gets all the attention.
They are not knowing the fact that for some "Life lies in an 8-inch diameter."

" When you're a winner you're always happy, but if you're happy as a loser you'll always be a loser."

To die or not to die...

March 23:Can a match get bigger than the life itself? Yes it can. The match between India and Sri Lanka to be played later today will definitely end up in tears of billions people. But nobody knows whether what will it be? Will it be a tears of joy or tears of desperation for India? Will they be boarding the same flight with the neighbours? I hope they won't. Even though I am not an avid cricket fan like many of my friends, I keep my fingers crossed. I think India will win because the match would have been fixed by the syndicate involving ICC, so that ICC will not have to suffer a huge loss of 150 crore rupees in the event of India being shown the exit by our humble neighbours. The ever increasing followers of cricket in the sub-continent have resulted in casualties because the outcome of the match was shocking. Hope nothing will happen to anyone even if India loses to Sri Lanka today. Nothing is bigger than our beautiful life.
By March 24 it could be all over for India in terms of cricket. But another nation England where football is as big as cricket in India another test which is a matter of life and death for their team and coach. Steve Maclaren who jetted into Israel for England’s Euro 2008 clash would have been warned lose and you will be sacked.The timebomb has been set ticking for the England team and their coach, but it will be coach who gets the axe.
I don't know how sport got this bigger than life of image in the heart of millions including me. I remember myself crying and throwing everything in my sight when India lost to Sri Lanka shamelessly in 1996, it was hard to digest. After a year I changed my area of interest to football. Yet again the love of the game hasn't failed to grip my heart. I could feel my heart pump faster whenever Arsenal gets into the opposition's box or vice versa. I fear sometimes that I may get an heart attack because my heart stacks revving up like a race car at times

The prayers of millions may answer.If you are happy as a loser you will always be a loser.

" When you're are playing for the championship, it's not a matter of life or death. Its more important than that."

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Yet another day in paradise

Having nothing to do for two days in my company is rarer than the rainfall in Sahara desert. I have started liking my job for the past 2 days. Today I reached office at 10 am, went to have breakfast and after a round in library, I started listening to Kula Shaker, shared by one of my colleagues.These guys are awesome. Some of their songs are extremely profound. One of their song Timeworm can be compared to the likes of legendary Morrison's Bird Of Prey.
While I was spiralling myself in the world of music, my manager called me and asked me something regarding "the testing" done durifng the past few weeks. I ducked myself off from his questions and carefully gave the burden to another guy who was on leave for the past two days. May God bless my soul. I started my journey again into the music through the infiniteness of the www till I reached here. Regarding this, I don't have much liberal ideas that some of my friends have. They may argue that a guy who is well educated as me should be modern in outlook. But I just can't digest it that way, please forgive me.
Coming back to music, the trip through the world of music is extremely interesting even without the consumption of things unknown to the mankind. I don't know how to critically evaluate Jim Morrison or Pink Floyd. But their songs are always orphic in nature with a flair unknown to the mankind. Thats why they are categorized under psychedelic rock. I know this posting is marred by many links, but that is the beauty of wikipedia.

" Oh brother please we are born to this world again
How can we see when we're travelling in time
Love is the key and the key is the name my friend
When will we see that we're travelling in time
Know that your soul is on fire like a million suns
Burn like a star and be travelling in time"--Timeworm, KulaShaker

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The Love and the true love

Today it seems to be more or less free in the office. All my seniors are working in developing some sort of environment to test all the blunders I have written during the past few week(They call it a code, really I don't know how). My mind wandered into some other unknown place, you know an idle mind is devil's workshop. I thought about my friends, relatives my career, Arsenal etc. I thought about my girl friend for the past three years and I decided to write this.
My friends knew that I am disturbed mentally for the past few weeks. The girl I thought who would be with me for my entire life broke up with me. I don't know what is the exact reason, even she failed to give me one exactly. She has refused to talk to me for the past two weeks. May be her parents would have got her some guy who has great looks and is working in some sort of companies in USA. She mailed me that our relation will never ever work out. She gave such a sort of merciless ending for our love for the past 3 years.
It is humane to do mistakes. I have made mistakes and I regret it now. She didn't want to give me another chance. She wanted to end our love in such an abrupt manner. All I know is what she hates is my mistakes, not me or my love. She knows more than anyone that my love for her was so real and pure that she cannot hide form it wherever she is. This will rip her off the love she is supposed to give to a better person, as her friend claims to be , that her parents may find one day. She is unnecessarily playing dice with her life praying that if it rolls seven I am the better person. I know she won't be able to replace me in her life. But I have to move on. One day my mom will(may)find a girl with whom I will spend my rest of my life happily

Meanwhile today I haven't done anything till now. I hope I get some work tomorrow. There is no pleasure in having nothing to do. The real fun is having a lot to do and not doing it. Its a heartening sight to see the managers run around madly in offfice just because we haven't finished our work.

"Love isn't a decision. It's a feeling. If we could decide who we loved, it would be much simpler, but much less magical."


Yet another day of slogging. The f***ing project goes into another phase today. The company was successful in making a lazy ass like me work like a dog. 14 hours a day just seems to be not enough for my boss. Apart from this, rest of the day will be ok, ie 2 hours , aftyer 8 hours of sleep only 2 hours of freedom remains. Isn't it simply great. This is the best to place to be in after the college where we used to curse the teachers for taking two hours consecutively. We are slaves , slaves in outsourced companies which are nibbling of our nation's intellectual capital. Slavery is back.

I would like to quote one of my friends regarding this
"If you are compelled to do violence then you are in bondage
If you are compelled to do non-violence then also you are in bondage..
Only when you are free to do what you want when you want without worrying about anything else..
Anything else can be your friends, colleagues, family, society, etc etc…and all other socio politico religious considerations..
Everything is bondage..
We have to get past all of this.
Otherwise we will remain slaves and soldiers for life..
We can be a bigger slave or a commander general..
Still it is bondage.."
I strongly agree with him. We all are tied to the pole of slavery, which indeed has taken a new name, called relations. We do not have the free will. Everything is controlled, right from the womb we are controlled. We are slaves of the society and religion. We are indeed slaves for life.

"I didn't know I was a slave until I found out I couldn't do the things I wanted
. " Frederick Douglas,African American orator, journalist and civil-rights leader, 1817-1895).

Monday, 19 March 2007

The Legend continues!!!

The connection between the title of this post and the matter is as close as the relation between me and coding. The need for his blog came from mere necessity to prove that I am a male. Everyone around me has a blog. I don't want people to think that I am an illiterate just because of the fact that I don't have a blog.
The last two days were great as far as cricket is not concerned. Nothing much to worry about the life that lies in front blinking at me saying "Son, you gotta do something with me!". The break from the mundane slogging like a slave in an usual IT company is really a blessing. In college we didn't care about the days that passed by but here we really do. Writing this I remember the blog I have created on the last day at the college, I still remember that moment, It was a cold summer night at NITC in the room number 326 E hostel where history still sleeps when I wrote this..

The 1st post

hmmm.....I must have had a brainstorm. I don't know what to write in my 1st posting. The last night of my BTech life but still lack technical knowledge. I can remember the day I joined here, all the time I had with my friends, the frustrations(exams) we had, the joyful moments we shared and all other sort of funny activities we did. All flashing through my memory like it has occurred the day before. Don't know what I'll be feeling when we bid a good bye to the college. I was sure of one thing when I hit the final year "I won't miss this college. What I'll be missing is the college life." But the life proved it to be wrong. I'll miss those clapped out classes we had, the chits we passed in during lectures, those "get outs" we received while having serious talks of wisdom in front of teachers, teasing those beautiful girls that passed by us, the smirks we had while annoying someone, those unplanned trips we had,those booze parties, those late night goes on. That was the day that was! Nothing in this world can replace those years."The best days of my life." It was a paradise.

Bygone are those days where we didn't know what worries where. The only worries we had were those bad elections. Now the life itself has turned out to be a big worry. The work, the manager's wrath, the appraisal, the tax, the bonus, the spending, the traffic , everything. The transition is very difficult. We still are boys but are expected to be men. Its too bad

"I pressed her thigh and death smiled"- Jim Morrison. This sentence still haunts me, don't know why.