Monday, 26 March 2007

Nothing is as beautiful as SLOGGING

9am....Posted later:::The dream is over for the men in blue. Now they can return home happily and spend some time with their family. Today is Monday the best day in the week. No day is as interesting as Monday. The beauty lies in the art of slogging from 9 am to 10 pm. I feel rejuvenated on Monday evening after working for 12-13 hours. I feel completely refreshed after an exhausting weekend of taking rest. Nothing equals joy that the work brings. I feel hungry now, will continue writing non sense after having breakfast till the "Manager" comes. So far nobody in my team has reached the office. Those lazy people didn't seem to have any responsibilities unlike me(*sigh*).
***back after having breakfast***
My parents were supposed to reach Bangalore by 10 am on Saturday but reached around 5 pm.Thanks to "the efficiency" of Air Deccan. I spent most of the time with them for the past two days. They brought a sort of hair oil to prevent their son's head resembling Gandhi's (forgive me Sir)at the age of 25 which will highly depreciate my value in the "marriage market" even if I get a million as a salary. That means I should avoid all sort of gels, colours and shampoos that I used till yesterday to nourish my hair. Parents always know, what is right for their children.
Bulshee came back after attending the wedding of his classmate.
It is going to be a normal day for me. Nowadays my life seems o be quite bland. I feel it misses all sort of vibrant colours it had. The reason : May be I don't know..

"I would rather be a coward than brave because people hurt you when you are brave" E.M Forster


Bullshee said...

you sure are writing a lot!
this is not a gompetition!There is no Gupp! p.s- me blogs updated!

arpana said...

hmmm, dropped by to tell ya , there still are ladies who think bald is beautiful ( or was it bald is bold?)

Gunner said...

@arpana: Really? Are you the one[:-)]
@bulshee: you are the king

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