Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Torments....Episode 1

It’s almost three months since I have posted something. Busy schedule, I must say, kept me off from blogosphere. A lot of things have happened in my life, met new people, saw some old friends, Arsenal went down on the table, interviews got over, one of my colleagues quit the job etc.. So many things, in such a short period, phew.

Some of the interviews I had were very funny for the interview panel. But I would rather say those were biggest tortures I’ve ever faced in my life. If some of the panelists were not all interested in what I was speaking, some others were not all interested about my existence in that room.

The Kozhikode interview was funniest among all the five interviews I had. A young prof made a complete jackass out of me. I won’t forget that interview in this life. I never thought he could ever torment a person the way he did to me.

It started like this. He drew two pair of lines, one with 2000V written b/w the lines, the other with 200V.

Prof(Resting his upper torso and head on the table): Which one would cause more shock?

This question itself shocked me(who is a Electrical Engineer by degree) as if I have touched the live terminal of a substation. A plethora of thoughts went across my mind. Such a trivial question, I am dumbfound. There is something wrong with my fundamentals, but how on earth 200V could cause more shock than 2000V? I don’t know. I again looked into paper to see whether I had missed or had imagined any zeroes. There is nothing wrong with my eye sight, but my concepts are wrong. Just to make my life worse I asked..

Me: Whether the same person is touching both the lines, the environment, is he wearing any shock proof apparels or accessories etc?

Prof: (Nodded his head in a skeptical manner)

I started thinking again suddenly I told

Me: 2000V,no way 200V could casue more shock. Ohm’s law. Blah…blah… (I was sweating, as if I am in Sahara Desert, in air-conditioned room). By the time I finished answering that question I lost all my confidence and only thing I wanted was to get out of that room. I was looking him in such a way that he would have wondered why the hell the government spent its resources on “educating” such an idiot.