Thursday, 29 November 2007

Russian Roulette and some confessions

Three posts in five days, life seems to be pretty cool these days, with nothing much to do. 10:30 to 17:30 has become my office time. The world has become better, it seems. I know, all my joys are short lived. Every time I write something boasting about the freedom I used to enjoy at that moment, I never knew I was playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun, which kills my peace by giving me work which I could never finish in a fortnight. Life isn’t bliss always.

I am addicted to Malayalam melodrama these days. I don’t know why I like them; to be precise I really like three of them, two of which are in same time so I need to do some trickery with the remote so as not to miss any important chunk in any of them. I still know the time when I looked in disgust the people who watched these soaps. I never expected to be in a position that even I was not very fond of. Life isn’t predictable.

I don’t know whether I am gaining or losing weight. I take in huge quantities of junk food these days, but still the jeans aren’t so tight to categorize me as an obese overfed Indian youth. Everyday I go to sleep by making a pledge to myself that I start my exercise regime the very next morning. But by the time I wake up there will be hardly enough time for me to get ready and pack my bags to office. I really feel bad about my health. I fear I have serious respiratory problems because of the pollution in the neighbourhood.

Back to work…..

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Yet another project in the Wall-2

As I have said earlier, I thought I will get nice time to relax after the last project. I dreamt a little too much of the joy. The joy of leaving the office at 5 pm and the joy of having a nice little time in front of the TV. The dreams are short lived as they say. I am moved to another project. Thoughts of what to do on a weekday evening came to sudden stop.

Life is never as frustrating as it is now. Freedom exists only in school books. I feel I am in a jail, a jail that has glass walls, which impedes the freedom. While the people around me are trying to push off their time somehow, I spend it reading some design documents which does no good to my mind that craves for some long needed rest.

I need to finish the study before the end of the day and “actively take part in the design discussions on the following days”. To rub salt on my wounds, expectations are high from me this time. God forbid!

PS: Life seems to be surrealistic when I hear the song “Coming back to Life”.

Monday, 26 November 2007

The Late Post.

Pretty long time since I have posted something. The time is right and I have nothing to do. Just stare in to the unknown of PC monitor, read some mails check some mails, forward some mails, and rock your head to some good groovy music. I love it. I have a great amount of time at my disposal. Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire” is good.

Yesterday was Maman’s treat. Treat means, a buffet treat and a nice a time to hog till you could hardly move. By the way my manger has moved to some other project. Here is the bottom line from our senior manger.

We appreciate your efforts in all activities and enhancing the effectiveness in achieving the overall quality in Development Projects .


And a special mention of your team spirit and motivation to take on any new areas & ideas with lots of enthusiasium.

I too have the same opinion; I gave him a nice little handshake and wished him all the best. But when I looked into his eyes I saw a light freedom, a light of escape I should say. I too have the same feeling. Manager is gone, Long live the manager. I don’t know when I will be put into the new project so that I need to go back to the same old mundane.

That time may come or may not come, but I am happy like a little kid who got his toy.

Meanwhile the England FA is having a bad time. England football team and Indian cricket team has many things in common.

1. Media overhype.

2. A bunch of players who are overvalued.

3. Constant presence in the Page3.

4. One had disastrous World Cup this year, the other had a forgettable Eurotrip.

5. Neither of them has a coach.

England had a lifeline thrown in to their way by Israel, but they decided to squander it. The media were spot on when they gave him the title “Wally with a brolly”.

Karnataka politics, even a bollywood script writer couldn’t write a story better than this. Three u-turns in a single month. JD(S) is party who have a bunch of jokers at their helm. One day they come up with the decision of supporting BJP, the very next day they withdraw their support. Now the situation has come to standstill, I seriously have doubt whether any parties are gonna believe these bunch of jokers and idiots. They are making fun of the citizens. I have consternations regarding the future of the state I am residing in.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.