Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Yet another project in the Wall-2

As I have said earlier, I thought I will get nice time to relax after the last project. I dreamt a little too much of the joy. The joy of leaving the office at 5 pm and the joy of having a nice little time in front of the TV. The dreams are short lived as they say. I am moved to another project. Thoughts of what to do on a weekday evening came to sudden stop.

Life is never as frustrating as it is now. Freedom exists only in school books. I feel I am in a jail, a jail that has glass walls, which impedes the freedom. While the people around me are trying to push off their time somehow, I spend it reading some design documents which does no good to my mind that craves for some long needed rest.

I need to finish the study before the end of the day and “actively take part in the design discussions on the following days”. To rub salt on my wounds, expectations are high from me this time. God forbid!

PS: Life seems to be surrealistic when I hear the song “Coming back to Life”.

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