Thursday, 27 December 2007

Office , not so sweet office...

After a week of great vacation at home, the day has come, the day to go back to a place somewhere in between the fifth and sixth levels of hell,Bangalore, more obviously the office. Nothing could get ever worse as this. I really hate this time, going back to office after a so called "long break". I don't know why, may be because my mind is a little bit upset today due to Arsenal losing some points yesterday. I don't know the real reason.
This time tomorrow I will be writing some code or design that has nothing to do with any sort of creativity. I feel very bad at times and sometimes I really like the work. I am not able to logically relate things I am doing.. Sometimes I really don't know what to do, my mind wanders into the unknown.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

In the office on a high!!!

Nothing feels as good as writing software requirements and having discussion with a senior systems architect when you have downed a couple of pints of beer. That’s kind of situation I am in. It was supposed to be a b’day treat of my so called “project leader” who is really a member of a “Mafia” headed by me in facebook, strange isn’t it? I just can’t imagine what the hell I’ll go and discuss in front of a highly senior and respected guy. At this point the best I can do is analyze the relation between Narendra Modi and sensibility. Things seem to be funny. All my team mates are on a high except one. A great socialistic team.

I can feel my eyes drooping when I type in this. Aaaha!!! What a pleasure it is.

Need to look into certain things about which I should make my genuine comments. I really don’t know what is the scope of this project. What I know is I will get paid for all sort of illogical things I write, say and design. Hope my appraiser won’t see this!!!!

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Russian Roulette and some confessions

Three posts in five days, life seems to be pretty cool these days, with nothing much to do. 10:30 to 17:30 has become my office time. The world has become better, it seems. I know, all my joys are short lived. Every time I write something boasting about the freedom I used to enjoy at that moment, I never knew I was playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun, which kills my peace by giving me work which I could never finish in a fortnight. Life isn’t bliss always.

I am addicted to Malayalam melodrama these days. I don’t know why I like them; to be precise I really like three of them, two of which are in same time so I need to do some trickery with the remote so as not to miss any important chunk in any of them. I still know the time when I looked in disgust the people who watched these soaps. I never expected to be in a position that even I was not very fond of. Life isn’t predictable.

I don’t know whether I am gaining or losing weight. I take in huge quantities of junk food these days, but still the jeans aren’t so tight to categorize me as an obese overfed Indian youth. Everyday I go to sleep by making a pledge to myself that I start my exercise regime the very next morning. But by the time I wake up there will be hardly enough time for me to get ready and pack my bags to office. I really feel bad about my health. I fear I have serious respiratory problems because of the pollution in the neighbourhood.

Back to work…..

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Yet another project in the Wall-2

As I have said earlier, I thought I will get nice time to relax after the last project. I dreamt a little too much of the joy. The joy of leaving the office at 5 pm and the joy of having a nice little time in front of the TV. The dreams are short lived as they say. I am moved to another project. Thoughts of what to do on a weekday evening came to sudden stop.

Life is never as frustrating as it is now. Freedom exists only in school books. I feel I am in a jail, a jail that has glass walls, which impedes the freedom. While the people around me are trying to push off their time somehow, I spend it reading some design documents which does no good to my mind that craves for some long needed rest.

I need to finish the study before the end of the day and “actively take part in the design discussions on the following days”. To rub salt on my wounds, expectations are high from me this time. God forbid!

PS: Life seems to be surrealistic when I hear the song “Coming back to Life”.

Monday, 26 November 2007

The Late Post.

Pretty long time since I have posted something. The time is right and I have nothing to do. Just stare in to the unknown of PC monitor, read some mails check some mails, forward some mails, and rock your head to some good groovy music. I love it. I have a great amount of time at my disposal. Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire” is good.

Yesterday was Maman’s treat. Treat means, a buffet treat and a nice a time to hog till you could hardly move. By the way my manger has moved to some other project. Here is the bottom line from our senior manger.

We appreciate your efforts in all activities and enhancing the effectiveness in achieving the overall quality in Development Projects .


And a special mention of your team spirit and motivation to take on any new areas & ideas with lots of enthusiasium.

I too have the same opinion; I gave him a nice little handshake and wished him all the best. But when I looked into his eyes I saw a light freedom, a light of escape I should say. I too have the same feeling. Manager is gone, Long live the manager. I don’t know when I will be put into the new project so that I need to go back to the same old mundane.

That time may come or may not come, but I am happy like a little kid who got his toy.

Meanwhile the England FA is having a bad time. England football team and Indian cricket team has many things in common.

1. Media overhype.

2. A bunch of players who are overvalued.

3. Constant presence in the Page3.

4. One had disastrous World Cup this year, the other had a forgettable Eurotrip.

5. Neither of them has a coach.

England had a lifeline thrown in to their way by Israel, but they decided to squander it. The media were spot on when they gave him the title “Wally with a brolly”.

Karnataka politics, even a bollywood script writer couldn’t write a story better than this. Three u-turns in a single month. JD(S) is party who have a bunch of jokers at their helm. One day they come up with the decision of supporting BJP, the very next day they withdraw their support. Now the situation has come to standstill, I seriously have doubt whether any parties are gonna believe these bunch of jokers and idiots. They are making fun of the citizens. I have consternations regarding the future of the state I am residing in.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Life cycle,cigarettes and a broken washing machine

Life is not so easy these days. 24 hours seem to be not enough for me. I have a lot of work. Little time to enjoy the rain. Little time to feel the cool breeze against my face, Little time to enjoy the beautiful girls passing by. My mind wanders a lot these days; I am addicted to my Media Player; I fear I am going to become yet another common man, I fear my life cycle not going to be any different from that of the manager who sits three cubicles from me. When I was young I wanted to be astrophysicist. But now I am sitting in front of a PC doing some hardcore coding and testing which I never thought I could do in this life or the next. People say life is unpredictable, but it is not, you follow the same cycle, you are cast into the same mundane cycle as everyone else. When I was young I thought I could be a revolutionary. I know a day will come when I will be more worried about the Sensex rather than the impoverished population around me. I know a day will come when I will be more worried about my taxes than the results of Arsenal. The wait for the D-day has begun.

I still don’t know who invented cigarettes. It was a sort of style statement or a sort of machismo in college; It bonded relationships, it broke relationships. We passed it around as we talked about the tensions in the Soviet Bloc. We felt a sort of pride when we had it between our fingers. We felt it was the only thing needed to survive in a cold winter, whiskey is the exception. I resorted to all sort of intoxications that I could. With cigarette in hand I felt like a man, simply that was it. That days are gone I am not a college student anymore moreover my lungs would have called it a day earlier than the expected date if I had continued the habit. No cigarettes. Smoke-Free World, life seems to surrealistic everyday.

Our washing machine is down. The most essential gizmo in a bachelor’s life. Load all your dirty clothes, turn on the tap, turn some regulators, deliberately pour detergent on to it. Sit back relax. Rest is history. Even though I and Kondu are ready to buy a new one Bulshee doesn’t seem to have enough you know what.

Anyway I need to get back to the good old testing.


Sunday, 30 September 2007

Why the trio must leave?

Sachin,Dravid and Ganguly the "trimurthis" of Indian cricket has become more or less like a burden to the young generation. They are legends, they have made enough records that few can surpass, but the time has come the time or the age where arthritis catch one's feet faster than their reaction time on pitch, the time to call it a day.
The new generation has enough experience under their belt, enough experience to carry on their own. They have learnt a lot from them. But to move forward, the trio must be shown the exit door. I'd rather suggest them to retire in a high note than getting showed the door.
I'd rather suggest an example that I like on this matter. The example called the "Arsenal", where the Professor has the ultimate word. He didn't hesitate to sell Vieira or Henry, both the times critics said he club is doomed. But the Professor is always right. The first one paved the way for arguably one of the best midfielders in the world, the second one made the team gel even better now that they don't have to play the ball to TH14. The team are playing with a swagger that nobody could have ever expected. They are young, they are intelligent, they are confident more over they are Wenger's disciples. It is too early to comment on the outcome. But "In Arsene We Trust"
Back2India. Nobody expected young Indians to win the cup when they went to SA for T20 world cup, but they came as heroes, as the world champions. When the time comes even the Gods must call it a day.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Juxtaposition(!!) of unconnected thoughts...hmmm

Ever since I have written this  things have gone worse. 7pm is more than just a dream for me. Defects are piling up, pending test cases are overflowing my excel sheet. I am confused about what to do next. I am passing through the daily mundane of an ordinary software engineer. My hands are frozen now, my lungs feel burnt and I feel suffocated. Media player is playing “Stairway to Heaven”, seems to be a little more than just an irony. I have started wearing anti-glare to protect my eyes from the obnoxious mails of my manager.

Things are bad. Even though I was confirmed a month ago I haven’t received my confirmation. Things are good. We are the world champions and the young gunners are back in track after two seasons.  Things are unpredictable. Jose Mourinho, one of the finest in his class go the axe. I am getting little time to vent my feelings on to the net as a post. Bulshee must be a sort of free bird, writing blogs whenever he wants, cooking spaghettis whenever he likes and indulging in all sorts of fun whenever he wishes to.

The season is so far so good for an Arsenal fan. Despite the departure of the GOD this season, younger demigods are in total control of the table. Scoring goals like rain in a tropical forest. I watch most of the games under the influence of one or other sort of intoxications. It makes me more passionate, more passionate towards the club, more passionate towards the club. I feel good whenever I feel passionate about the game. I had always felt bad whenever my you know who asked me not to watch the game or be less passionate about the game. I was asked not to be myself. Now that nobody is in control of my wishes or my life, I can watch the game as long as I want to and enjoy the drink as long as my body can take.

Certain things never change, so is the concern of my manger towards the well being of his co-workers. He made me slog for three more extra hours when I wanted to leave early to see my dad. By the way I am off to home this week. 5 days of “eternal” bliss. I enjoy solitude, I enjoy darkness, I enjoy cool breeze, I detest open doors and windows, I love the sky, I love the grass. I love going for a long bike ride alone after a heavy rain.

BJPs statements regarding Ram-Sethu are rubbish, foolish and moronic. I am deeply concerned with the existence of life in this beautiful planet. I don’t know why sometimes I hate myself.

I have learnt that C programmers die, and then they will be casted into the call stack.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Long time, Onam and the Manager

It’s a long time since I’ve blogged. Time just doesn’t permit. What I have planned just not seems to be working. Endless hours of slogging… 24 hours a day just ain’t enough for me to finish my activities. Testing, coding and sending those bullshit excel sheets, updating the daily status, filling the timesheets for doing all those bullshits, life is full of surprises, indeed.

Meanwhile I am back from home, celebrating Onam with my family. The journey to home was a little less than adventurous. I am telling about the bus journey. The private bus operators who operate between Kerala and Bangalore make a lot of moolah during these festive seasons. Tens of thousand poor souls are at their mercy; those wicked souls make most of it. Last year I had the experience of sitting in a bus, whose shock absorber was made from elastic of the first ‘jockey’ ever made, for 20 long hours to reach home. So when my bro called me this time for booking ticket I clearly made my point to book a ticket in an AC Volvo so that I have a smooth journey home. But god disposes. It took me more than 24 hours and 4 vehicles to reach home the other day. But I was happy, happy that I’m home.

I thought usual age that guys marry is around 26-29, but I was actually proved wrong by an old high school friend of mine (who is 22 years old now), who got married a year before. Worse still he has a kid now, who is 6 months old. I don’t know whether anything “worse” had happened so that he had to marry, whatever, it came as terrible surprise to me when I came to know the situation of an old pal who sat next to me in 10th standard. I donno when god will try to make me a “gentle man”. As of now I am not.

New season of football has begun. I lose a great deal of time watching the game and following up the updates these days. But I say there is nothing more great than to see your favourite team winning. You feel the pride, you pound your chest hard out of joy because your team has just scored the winning goal. Sometimes winning is everything. You feel your stomach sink when the opposition bury the ball in your post, some times it seems like you are going to die.

This is dedicated to my manager who sanctioned me only one day leave for Onam when I asked for 4 days leave. Long live the manager.


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

C programmers never die. They are just cast into void.

Brand new month, brand new project, and brand new way to get scr****. I never expected that I will get such a long break after the previous project. * hours of break, that was great indeed. Anyway I can’t go back in to the past and see whether things would get better or not.

But I have made a plan. Reach office by 9. Slog till 7, with a little entertainment in between and go home. Even if they threaten me that they’ll put me into a nuclear dump yard for not staying late in the cold cubicle, I won’t give a sh*t. That’s it. I am not here to become a king. I am here, just to slog, slog for the official 8 or 9 hours, go home, have a warm meal, have a cozy sleep.

It may affect my appraisal, it may affect my bonus or whatever fuc***ng things they may give me for their slave and work 16 hours a day. I want live like a man, not like a slave. I’d rather earn less and be a man than be a slave and earn more. I have learnt a lot.

“C programmers never die. They are just cast into void.”

Saturday, 23 June 2007

When the God departs!!

The time has come, the departure of Dein and the Master Wenger failing to commit to Arsenal has resulted in the inevitable, Thierry Henry, the God of Arsenal departs. All fans of EPL should shed a tear. Henry was such a talismanic striker, a prolific goal scorer that EPL has seen over years. While his unending love for the club and fans are known, nevertheless he departs.

Departure of Dein, over the controversy of taking over of Arsenal by sports mogul Kroenke has sent a chain of seismic waves across Arsenal. The loss is not for the board, but for us, the fans who loved the club, for the fans who considered Henry as their God. We will miss the va-va vroom. We will miss those goals.

Henry flirted with Barcelona for a while. A year ago when the French star agonised over whether to stay with the Gunners or head for the Nou Camp, there was a gravitational pull dragging him back to North London. The gravitational pull who was there at the right and left of him  when he committed to Arsenal. I still remember that short press conference.

Dein: Thierry has got something to say.

TH14: (with a smile)I have played in France I have played in Italy and I have played in England, but I’ve never played in Spain and in this life I will never play in Spain.

Thus he committed to Arsenal.

It was now or never for Henry. Sadly it is NOW.

This is no ordinary player quitting the Emirates, Henry is a man who epitomises everything which new Arsenal stood for. He played the beautiful game and, given licence by Wenger, transformed the team from one which had the reputation of “boring Arsenal” to “scoring Arsenal”. They were the great entertainers who went through a whole league season unbeaten, not by protecting their own penalty area but by playing the game with a swagger. Henry was Premiership box office. He was one of those players opposition supporters wanted to see. Who could forgot the way Portsmouth fans took him to their hearts while he was single-handedly destroying them. Henry was a man who lifted people off seats.

But without him, and without Kroenke and perhaps even Wenger, the magnificent new Emirates Stadium could soon feel very empty.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Love, friendship and the ill-fated self

Here's how it goes, you and me, up and down but maybe this time

We'll get it right, worth the fight

'Cause love is something you can't shake

When it breaks

All it takes is some trying

If you feel like leaving

I'm not gonna beg you to stay

But soon you'll be finding

You can run, you can hide

But you can't escape my love

You can run, you can hide

But you can't escape my love

So, if you go

You should know

It's hard to just forget the past, so fast

It was good, it was bad but it was real

And that's, all you have, in the end, our love matters

The above is a snippet from Enrique Iglesias’ Escape. The song has a great importance in my life, the past, the present and may be the future too. This song has many things I wanted to tell, tell to whom I loved the most. But life never makes us do something that we yearn the most. Sometimes it pushes close the opposites, and sometimes it pulls lives apart. I have never been able to find solution to many things that happened in my life, whatever it may be. I never knew a small fight could have made a catastrophic effect in my life. But I know, it’s past, I have my present with me and my future ahead of me. I know I have a world to conquer.

Certain things always linger in our mind whatever we do or try to forget. Most times it will be the most aching memories that will remain in our minds forever. When we feel we are very much alone it comes to our mind and goes with leaving a drop of tear in our eyes. I don’t know why or how it happens, but it happens. Life is strange.

I had good times, I had hard times, particularly one hard time. It was my friends and family who supported me to get over all the turbulence I had. I am indebted to Bulshee, Kozhi, Sankaran, Ragav, Anish and Anilu who supported me strongly. Now I know one thing, apart from the family, friends not love that is important in our life. The love may leave when the time is bad but friends will never cheat us. They will there always to support you, to cheer you, irrespective of your situation.


Monday, 18 June 2007

After APJ, is it a lady?

The time has come; the time to elect a new president for the world’s largest democracy, India. There were a lot of debates regarding who is who will be the candidate. Names came up, names went down. People turned up for one. People turned against another. It was all the part of what is called political drama. Channels conducted polls; the entire matter got over hyped.  Names like Narayanamurthy and the Big B appeared from the moon. I couldn’t find any sense in any political party or alliance fielding those names, may be it’ll be just another trick by the channels to add more colour to their news and the polls.

Shall we tell the president? Pratibha Patil, the current governor of Rajasthan, the only that ever had a female pair at the helm of administration, name came from no where. I didn’t know even about her existence prior to this. The left always had vied for a female president, last time they fielded Capt:Lakshmi against the talented long haired bachelor from Ramashweram. The result is you know what, was a just a waste of talent, at least according to me.

India is widely regarded as one of the most conservative states, with religious extremism and inequality towards females playing a big part. Religious extremism is more or less a stimulated thing. With many inspirational orators using their skills for making devilish rather than ugly remarks on other religions or sects nothing could get worse than this. The claim for “Ram Janmbhoomi” and the subsequent riots will remain in the hearts of all Muslims and Hindus forever. Everything happened just because of one man; One man who made that dirty claim that Hindustan is for Hindus. Is India a secular state? Undoubtedly it is not. Whatever they do, whoever they kill, the colour of blood will remain red fro Ram and Rahim.

In India the females are supposed to play second fiddle to her husband. They are meant to be at home, cook food, look after her kids and husband, her parents etc, they are housewives married not to her husband but to the house, they are housewives. She should obey her husband, whatever the husband tells. It is always the woman, who resigns her job to join spouse, not the other way round. The sex ratio in many states in India is so pitiful that the grooms need to find his bride from other states. Why the females are always the down-trodden?

Fielding a woman candidate has more political implication than anything else. The taxpayers are not affected by it. It will raise to controversies, the use of “Rashtrapathi” will be awkward. Whatever the president candidates tell there are two things that is certain.

  1. The President of India can’t do anything alone.
  2. The President shall and will remain as a rubber stamp.



Friday, 15 June 2007

On the road Off the road

I have decided many things in the past few weeks; to be precise I have made three big decisions which will have drastic effects on my small life on my big body.

1. Shifting the house

2. Buying a new phone.

3. Losing weight :-)

The first one was their in our mind for quite a long time. There are many things that made us to take the decisions. Dust, airbuses, Boeings and fighter jets are having detrimental effects on our peaceful lives. Whatever we do to keep our house clean something fails every time. We donno why? The house has become more or less dump yard of beer bottles, whisky bottles, empty pizza and Lays packets. The whole house stinks. The electric wiring system is totally perfect that even the best bookie in the world cannot give the odds to which fuse will blow off when we turn on a switch. The drainage system you assume anything about it and you are right. Then Bulshee, the clean factor in our home, he used to sleep in a room surrounded by his stinking clothes everywhere. We are still puzzled how he runs out of clean pair of dress even after two days of washing. The house was fun with the seniors in the floor above and us juniors below. We have had many good times. We were the kings of the good times. But the time has come, the time to part. Anish and Sankaran going to USA, Ragav going to Ahmedabad to have one more degree at the end of their names and one or two more zeroes to the salary they were getting.

The new phone. I am about to purchase the fifth phone this year. I had a Samsung, and then bought two motorolas for me and you know who (doesn’t exist now), after that I bought a Nokia on which I tried to test the impact of it on the wall which left all the intricate elements in it thwarted. So now I plan to buy Nokia E-50 or an i-mate, haven’t decided on it.

When I finished my college last year around this time I was weighing around 70 kg. After a long year of slogging in front of the machine and sipping calorified coffee from the vending machine and drinking beer every other day made my weight sky rocket from 70 to 85 in a matter of weeks. The spare around my waist has also grown a bit too large that I am a bit embarrassed to tuck in my shirt. There are also many personal reasons for my resorting to alcohol for a few weeks. I know you have guessed what my personal problems “was”. It happens in life, and when it happens it happens for good. Now I have a large amount of time, to think about my career, think about my life, and I have enough time to read something useful. Love really was a poison that had gripped me for more than two years. But I am a happy man now happier than before.

Now that we have zeroed in our new house which has a gym and swimming pool there is a high chance in losing weight. I have a plans and I have a partner in crime none other than Bulshee.

Life sometimes is funnier than you expect it to be.



Monday, 28 May 2007

Tequila Monarco and the art of breaking the beer bottle on a "WALL"


Last Saturday was a working day for me. It was an emergency working day, because the code we had delivered after two months of hardship crumbled like the top order of Indian cricket team at the World Cup at the hands of testing team. They brutally tested it and destroyed it. My first project as a developer: MISSSION FAILED. The worst thing was that a party was arranged for that day and I had to stay in office very late.

The Tequila: Kondu brought two bottles of fine Tequila for us to savour. I am an inexperienced guy, who has seen Tequila in the glass shelves of some wine malls. The price was too high for an average working class that I feared to touch it. Tequila Monarco, two bottles of it were resting at the kitchen for the past two weeks. We were looking for an occasion to indulge in the happiness that is Monarco. A showdown was scheduled. 26th May, the D’day. Guest from land as far as BTM were invited for the occasion. The stage is perfectly set. Bulshee the master planner made everything perfect to the minute level. Shot glass, Beer(18 bottles of it), enough lemons and salt.

Buckets were properly arranged so that in case of an emergency no one needs to rush to nearest bathroom or to the outside “WALL”. I had notorious reputation in college for which Bulshee was the most serious sufferer. Two times I must say he suffered. One time in his room, the next time right on him. Yet Bulshee is a gentleman.

The need for 18 bottles of beer for 9 person were easily justified on the very first minute itself. A two minute double salvo by Bulshee and Anish made the beer count reduced to 16. Tequila began to flow. Music was played aloud. Everyone drifted into a journey to the unknown. Seeing the opportunity I, Maman and Anish escaped to the kitchen with a bottle where we took shots one after another only to face Bulshee’s wrath for cheating.

One gentleman who was a complete teetotaller broke his vow by taking his first sip of the pleasure. We poor drinkers had a modest start sipping to the sourness of some cheap rum.

Thakku(name is not real to maintain anonymity), who is extremely vulnerable to alcohol already had a bottle of beer and three shots of tequila opened upyet another bottle of beer and suddenly ran out of the house breaking yet another bottle and pouring beer all over the house and getting himself “WALL”ed again. But his determination is tremendous. He even had the courage to have yet another beer. He is strong physically unlike his looks. Thakku I salute you!!

Next morning I woke up only to hear that Maman and Anish were knocked out completely and their body had rejected everything that they consumed later into the night.

Yet it was a great night. The next day we had a luncheon at IndiJoes, a treat by Raghav for his IIMA call

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Seconds From Disaster: CAT'05

11 pm 19th November 2005, E Hostel, NIT Calicut.
The day before the CAT. Even though I was not at all prepared to face the challenge, I was brimming with confidence. After having a session of gossips at Kozhi aka Thaseem's room with Ajmal, Anilesh and Cheri I went to my room for a comfortable sleep. I was making my bed with the door unclosed. A mob of bast***s entered the room who don't even mind pimping their mother. The debate started.
The biggest ma-fcker of all started the conversation.
MF: You wanna hit me, right?
me: Why did you hit Anilesh and Kunji?
MF: I came to resolve the problem.
me: Catching by neck is the way you resolve it?
I saw a hand heading straight to my face.
[Lights went off]
I am not sure whether I fell down by their beat up or intentionally jumped to a corner so as to avoid much of their beating. One thing I was sure that I yelled like hell which caught the attention of Anilesh, Ajmal and every other neighbour. They came to the rescue. Much to their dismay my room was heavily guarded by the watch dogs of the biggest ma-fcker. More than 25 people to beat up a poor guy like me. In a minute or two they finished their work and ran back to their so called mother's womb, F-Hostel. I was bleeding profusely
Meanwhile all the radis has assembled before the F Hostel. If a fight would have broken out it'll be against all the predictions whcih will result atleast 5 serious casualties. Meanwhile some profs came to the scene of incident.
Angry Timman beating on car's bonnet: Sir, Ningal enthenkilum cheythillenkil njangal avere kollum[If you don't do anything we'll kill'em].
I went to hospital just for the sake of it. Entire college union got suspended because of the incident.
Disasters don't just happen happen. They are a chain of critical events. I unravel the fateful incidents which lead to the seconds from disaster.
15 th November 2005. The day before the economics exam:
The magazine committee brings out a so called newsletter hurting some people's sentiments. We[from here the we means the people who are thirsty for blood, I,Anilesh,Kunji,Maman,Ragav,Mambu,Parachetta,JT and to some extent Manjeri] were totally unconcerned of the incident. Some of the final years put a poster criticizing the newsletter. Those newsletters were burnt.
One foolish third year dared to tear that poster away inviting our wrath. Some in "we"are still unmoved. Many final years under the leadership of the one and only trouble maker ParaChetta moves to see the "foolish gentleman who tore that poster". Parachetta's dialogue over there are extremely X rated and cannot be quoted here.
Behind the scene, another junior engaged in another debate with Mambu and tells him that he will tear away any poster that the final years will put. "Phum" he got his first bash right on his face. Credits: Manik Scoot Mambu.
Ma-fcker along with a person whos size is little bigger than a mouse comes to the scene thinking that he can resolve anything under the sky. The first thing he did was catching Kunji by the neck. Anilesh smashed MF right on his face. He caught Anilesh by the neck. Now it was my turn to give him a knock. I gave him a double. Curtains lowered for the moment. Everyone back to their rooms. I, Anilesh and Maman in my room started discussing about the fun in the fight. We heard some noise downstairs, we knew something is happening something really nasty. What we saw was one of our fellow comrade getting beaten by six or seven bast***s. We rushed to the scene. I engaged in a duel with one of the bast***s which ended in a stalemate. Meanwhile I saw Anilesh knocking MF like a dog. I wasted no chance. I gave him a flying kick that took MF to the window side. I gave him my share of bash. I ended up in a corner while fighting. I heard the guy who got his urinary bladder blocked in the last fight yelling"Rush in we got him(that's me) in the corner, have your chance" Thommi and Gym rushed to the scene pulling apart everine who surrounded me. I was spared. We won the fight. No casualities.
Little did I know that after three days inevitable was going to happen. They went to Anilesh's room first, but failes in their mission then came to mine. Rest is history.


Thursday, 17 May 2007

Strep throat, Manjeri's bullet and defects from the moon

There are good times, there are bad times. Last week I had a fine scotch, J&B. But that has one irreparable damages to my throat. I've got a strep throat, a big bad strep throat. When the pain became no longer bearable, I searched the net for sore throat symptoms, medicines and side-effects. I got much of my answers in the first two sections. But there was one shocking information in the third section. If not treated well the sore throat can lead to the damage of heart valves. That was too much for me. Damaged heart valve at this age!!! But now I'm almost ok, thanks to the antibiotics. They are on work killing all the bacteria. So friends when you get some throat ache or swallowing becomes painful,its better to refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol. The Doctor has warned me not to touch alcohol for two months and totally abstain from smoking in this life or the next. I fear I cannot take a shot of original Mexican Tequila that Kondu has brought from US, exclusively for us. Life, at times is cruel.(*sigh*)
The most entertaining man in our house, MANJERI. He is going to buy a bullet, a big, old and bad bullet. No one can imagine Manjeri driving a motorcycle, that even bullet. He was famous in college for doing adventure sports with a bike with Kunji on their way to Wayanad. We were lucky that "Radicals Jt Conveners" were spared by the God Almighty. His demands from the 10 year old bullet is quite modest.

1. Condition: Extremely good and low maintenance.

2. Mileage: 40-45kmpl.

3. Price: Under 20k
What a modest demands for a ten year old bullet. Manjeri, I have heard a certain good news for you from a friend who "really" has a Thunderbird.
1. Even his brand new bike is giving him hell lot of troubles.

2. Another guy who owns a three year old bullet always carries a spare clutch cable with him because it breaks every now and then.

3. They are "still" improving the design with every versions, that means there is no optimal versions so far.

4. Only if you are a bullet freak or a mechanic, you buy a ten year old bullet because it'll be fun running all the time for buying new parts and changing old things.
I really didn't expect the most elegant Indian made motor cycle had these many problems. Manjeri, now it's up to you to make the decision.
Need to do some f***ing teasing and need to find five f***ing defects everyday. That is the order from above. I hope I get some defect, at least some from the moon.


I want to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all those French beaches I'd never see. I want to breathe smoke. I want to destroy something beautiful.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The week that was!!

May 1st to May 6th, long long 6 days off from the work. Really there are no work to do these days. Even if its there it'll be over in a minute or two. The six days holiday were great. Having got nothing to do and having a new 2mbps connection at home will open the doors to many restricted sites especially when the mind is idle. Bulshee even complained about not bringing any of those stuffs. How I can say to him that what I did with that extraordinary internet connection was trying to download some game for 6-10 year old that I was addicted to when I was in 11th and 12th standard. Bulshee, don't worry man I'll bring the stuff you need the next time I go home.
The last week was a week that was. Ragav got into IIM-A and Anilu into IIM-B, two of the fellow bloggers!!
At home my dad and mom complained about I getting obese. The only exercise I do these days is walking to cafeteria for a cup of coffee. I know I'm getting fatter. But how can I avoid those usual pints. Without it life is nothing. Since Kondu left for US, I have been drinking alone. Watching some match or movies, I enjoying sipping those great whiskies. Now that Kondu has returned I have got my partner in crime back. The only thing he is interested in this life are cigarettes and liquor. He is as lean as match stick. But he drinks like a fish and smokes like a steam train. The way his nickname sounds you can understand why he's called so. I met him on the first year of college and we became great friends. When I,Anilu and Maman talked about whiskies and smoking he preached total abstinence. In his life there were only three commandments, those given by his father.
1.Son, Don't smoke
2.Alcohol is poison
3.Sonny Boy, Stay away from the babes.
But he lives now on these commandments.
1. I have a PUC certificate which is to be updated every next day
2. There is no life without those drinks.
3. Man is a social animal and he is not a racist to not socialize with a race called babes.
But Kondu, you are fun.
The arrival of Kondu and Chelsea losing the title at Emirates, all occurred yesterday. Red Devils can take the trophy back to Old Trafford after four long years. Chelsea chased quadruple. But now they've only FAcup to fight for. I accept Arsenal trophy cabinet has been empty for last two years. Jose Mourinho even dared to call Liverpool a small club before their crucial UCL semi final 2nd leg which they eventually lost to Liverpool. He doesn't have humility, he doesn't have respect. He even mocked the way Cristiano Ronaldo was brought up. He mocked the double player of the year's lack of schooling. I accept the fact that Jose Mourinho's man management is second to none. He is like a school boy who keeps on whining about his defeat. He never accept the fact that his team is outplayed. He has the skills to make a club bankrupt even with winning trophies.That's the Jose Mourinho way. He doesn't' know about the history and size of Anfield. He doesn't know the craftsmanship of Sir Alex.He doesn't know the supreme talent hunter in Arsene Wenger. He knows only one thing he is the "very special one."


Monday, 30 April 2007

The worst days of my life.

There are times that come and goes against all your expectations, destroying all your beliefs, thwarting all your hopes. You feel like the life has come to an end.But its only a pitstop where there are people who supports you who backs you. You see a light, you know the darkness is semi-permanent. You re-enter your life rejuvaenated and revitalized. Nobody could beat you but you. You feel life, you are racing away from all your enemies in your car. You are breaking the speed of sound. You are ahead. You could feel your stomach sink. You see trees blur. The roads pass by. The farmlands seem to be a streaks of green. The rear view mirror loses all its meaning. You will smile when you go back to the past. You feel the way you were and the way you are. Those are past. Future beckons you.
Office. Friday and saturday, I worked like a donkey. I even felt like a donkey. I work for some ill eduacated yellow men. 24 hours of working without rest. I pushed myself to the limit and the death smiled. They want us to be their way. They exploit our brain just because they don't have any. They do no good for us. But we need money. They do good for their country.But we need money. They are exploiting our economy. But still we are greedy for more money. We have lost our lives. But still money makes us happy.
This busy schedule made me down, made me short tempered which resulted in I losing her. There is no coming back. There is only end. I wish I had undo in my life. But changes are inevitable. I have to move on like everyone. I have miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep."Whatever happened, it happened for good.
What is happening, is also happening for good.
Whatever will happen, that too will be for good.
What have you lost for which you weep?
What did you bring with you, which you have lost?
What did you produce, which has perished?
You did not bring anything when you were born.
Whatever you have, you have received from Him.
Whatever you will give, you will give to Him.
You came empty handed and you will go the same way.
Whatever is yours today, it was somebody else's yesterday
And it will be somebody else's tomorrow.
The change is the law of universe."
Bhagavad Gita
This is what you call life. Its a road called endless joy but with some pitfalls you should be careful with.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Truth, Lies and a stolen post

As the title says the post is lifted from Jos aka Appu who lifted it from someone else. So I believe the this theft has started some time long back, I don't want to get into too much details. I fell it will be nice if everyone does something like this in his/her blog.Everyone can know more about him/her. Many things will be more or less the same for every person.

Three things I am passionate about
1. My Family
2. Arsenal
3. Keralam, Daivathinte swantham naadu(God's own country).

Three things that scare me
1. Doing somethin I don't like
2. When I speed my motor cycle beyond 80(in fact I keep on looking my speedo after it cross 80)
3. Working on weekends.

Three people who make me laugh
1. Manjeri(A friend of mine)
2. Tom(&Jerry).
3. Calvin and of course Hobbes too.

Three things I love
1. Yet again God's own country
2. Arsenal
3. My mom's cooking.

Three things I hate
1. Showing off
2. Double crossing.
3. Bad music.

Three things I don't understand
1. Why she left me?
2. Why I still love her?
3. What I am here for?

Three things I am doing right now
1. The obvious.
2. Reading some UK based dailies
3. thinking of what to do for the technical audit

Three things I want to achieve/own b4 I die
1. A world cup football medal(somehow)
2. A yacht
3. My life

Three things you should listen to
1. Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech.
2. Jim Morrison.
3. A great sports commentator.

Three things you should never listen to
1. Jim Morrison's Bird of Prey when you are high.
2. your in-laws(Jos I agree with you)
3. Gossips.

Three things you should feel
1. Solitude.
2. Wayanad hairpin on a cold winter night with friends
3. the joy in the eyes of Marcus Tardelli when he scored the winning goal for Italy in 82 world cup final.

Three places you should go
1. Kudremukh.(you definitely should go, its one great place)
2. Mumbai.
3. Alleppey, the Venice of the East.

Three places I want to go
1. London
2. tropical forests of Africa and South America.
3. To some unknown places like Che Guevara did.

Three things I'd like to learn
1. French(I have learnt a little bit).
2. To interpret female minds.
3. Bridge(I tried but failed)

Three favourite books
1. O'Jerusalem(read long time back)
2. Mayyazhipuzhayde Theerangalil(one of the first books I have ever read).
3. Anne Frank's Diary.

Three favourite food
1. Kanji and Chammanthi.
2. Kappa and a special chutney made using green chilly and onion
3. Puttu and Kadala.

Three beverages I drink regularly
1. DSP Black.
2. Mansion House
3. Tea.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Lord of the Materials:The End of the King(not the SATAN)

It is not easy to be a human being. We are constantly hassled by our life. It is all about survival. It is all about how huge your bank balance can get. It is not how beautiful your life can get. I still dream of a day when there are no worries, a cool breeze caressing my hair like a true love, with lush green trees giving me the shade that only a mother can provide. I always see a light at the end of the tunnel, but always it had been the light of an incoming train that will run me over. This is life. There is no place for love, care and innocence. The priority is always money, money and more selfishness.
Back to college days...
We were an army of 7 point someones under the aegis of god almighty(MAMAN), Anilu and Ragav are the exceptions, they were 8 point someones, luckily we were not 5 point someones. I thought whatever I do, even if I tell the invigilator that I am going to indulge in some sort of malpractices the almighty would have made him deaf by the time I start speaking. We were brimming with confidence. We were addicted to it in such a way that even if the question was 1+1, we either had to consult with the neighbouring guy or refer to the materials that we have.
One day, I'll never forget that day. It was the last sessional examination of our B.Tech examination. BMI, Bio-medical Instrumentation. The professor who taught that subject was an eccentric man, he even made fun out of a junior girl who tried to suicide. Back to exam, the invigilator was none other than my project guide who is the most cunning and crooked fellow in the institution. The question was something regarding lung capacity, or a heart beat.. I don't exactly remember. But anyway the invigilator saw me putting back the chit I had brought specially for that question elegantly into my packet. THE END. He tore away my answer sheet. I felt my world tumbling down. I felt it was the end of the universe. I smelled death. If the thing goes to higher authority the result is debarring from the college for 3 years, the last thing I wanted. I pleaded before him.
Sir:Tell the truth, you resorted to this activity for all the exams,right?
Me:No,No..This is the first time in my life I have done this. If I were experienced will you able to catch me?It was because of my inexperience you were able to catch me cheating, Sorry sir. I will not repeat it.
He was kind enough to forgive me and I even got A grade for my project also. Thank You a lot. It was the end of all sort of malpractices. I wrote the first exam of my college life and the last exam without resorting to any sort of malpractices. I still smile whenever I think of that occasion.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The art of being wise, doing wiser things and not hurting a Chelsea fan

I posted something yesterday that I expected to be more or less a neutral posting, but it didn't turn out the way I expected. The comments will prove it. I am biased, Bulshee is biased, Ragav is biased, Sankaran is biased , even US.KONDU(name changed to keep anonymity) who doesn't care anything in this world beyond the tax and duties implemeted on liquor and cigarattes is biased more or less on his way. I being a die-hard Arsenal fan(self proclaimed) can never maintain more neutrality when I write or talk about Chelsea. There are many facts that everyone knows. I don't want to drive myself into yet another controversy that result in a debate between me and three men army of my roomies, which I may(intentionally made bold) end up losing.
It was Sankaran who advised me not to post anything that may hurt or aggrieve somebody's beliefs. Sankaran really had a terrible experience for posting something that really caused an upset on Bulshee's feeling. It was one great day in Sankaran's life. There are many more in the list.
What I want to tell is neither about Sankaran's beliefs nor the feud between an Arsenal fan and Chelsea fans, but about the right to expression. I can write anything I want. I may agitate a few, but I can't or I never will agitate millions like L.K.Advani.
Here is something that happened to a girl(in fact Rashmi Bansal) for writing something against an institution which is declared fraud by some magazines .Some comments in that blog are totally unacceptable. Criticisms are good, it will improve a person's outlook regarding that subject. It doesn't mean they are against you, it means they are against your views.
No matter what, you may feel some satisfaction if you do something out from your mind which is against someone's beliefs. I love those debates in which I try my best to classify Arsenal are the best and my friends try to do the same to Chelsea. I have got some points to make and so do they. If you believe in something, believe only if you have a reason. Don't take anything for granted. You should be able to prove your point before everyone who questions you. But always make a point, never write anything about a person if you feel it may hurt him bad. It may make things worse.
It all started when I described Mourinho as a "young punk" and an anonymous commented on calling Mourinho a young punk and aggravating my feelings of being a gunner and the frustration of not winning a trophy for the last two years. But I still describe Mourinho as a young punk. :-)

Monday, 16 April 2007

Will it be blues for the reds or is it the blue who will shed the blood?

Look forward for the 15 days from May 9-23 as English football's greatest two club trilogy. There will be no blood spilt, no lives endangered, as in the fights for the Middle Earth, but Manchester United and Chelsea are squaring up themsleves for a heavy weight clash.
Starting from the Premiership to FA Cup till Champions League, it could all be the fight of two English giants for the glory. Milan and Liverpool will have to step aside in the European Cup as watford and Blackburn did to them in FA Cup. While the reds cruised past Roma and Watford the Blues almost faltered before Valencia and Blackburn. What a treat for eyes will it be when these two giants fight for the glory.
The football's most beautiful league has just turned out to be a battle of four, where the most of the rest 16 struggle to keep themselves in the top flight. In fact the EPL has turned out to be a cold war between Russian oligarch and american tycoons. It will be a fight between a club that has created legends and a club that has an unending transfer funds.
But who can resist the three-part epic of the young punk Jose Mourinho taking on the old king in Sir Alex Ferguson, as two sharply contrasting personas turn May into a struggle for supremacy?
The fact Abramovich wants a little more entertainment for his £500million admission fee to the game, but a part of him ,as his emotions had hsown us after their win over Rovers,is probably also addicted to the melodrama of late winners that has kept Chelsea in the hunt for glory.
But we will have to wait to see for whom the glory awaits.

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Lord of the Materials:The Two Years

Yesterday was the annual day in our company. I thought it will unwind myself from the daily mundane. But before our team left for the function we had a short meeting regarding some blah..blah.. which if i tell that I was interested in it will be the joke of the century. While I was travelling in the hyperspace as spaceman spiff( If you don't know who spiff is.) during the meeting, Manager said,"Hey guys*,you need to come tomorrow. " I wondered what the hell he was talking about, has he gone mad or is it that he wants to show the power on his fellow subordinates as if they are his slaves. It destroys the entire mood of Friday. Whatever there is nothing as bad as spending a Saturday afternoon in the office and slogging.
I will come back to the topic. We were the masters in cheating and malpractices for the next two years. I will be understating the contribution of Mr.Kuresh Sumar S.K(name changed) towards our achievement if I don't mention his name in this. We have never found any teacher as inspiring as him. He was a man of mettle. We were lucky to have him for 2 consecutive years, I even had the courage to take an elective offered by him(I was 3rd from the top in the class of 17 in the elective he offered before the final exam, after the final exam I was 3rd fro the bottom). For us attending his lectures or learning his concept is similar to the interest of George Bush's towards World Peace. All the doors to pass the examination was shut except the "golden path", which never deserted us. We relentlessly resorted to it everywhere we could. May it be a lab exam or even if its just a class tutorial we were addicted to cheating. The first thing we used to do for an exam was preparing the materials. We feared none. We were self proclaimed masters. We were second to none in cheating.
We had economics in 7th semester, for which we took the entire 4 modules in 4 bit of paper. The funniest part is that we wrote the answers module-wise. If the first bit we got was for 4th module, all the questions relevant to the module will be answered in a single shot. Like wise 1,23. Teachers would have amazed of our skills of writing according to the modules. We were proud of it, in fact wickedly proud of it.
"Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment."

*Our team is like our college, its 90% the guys the rest 10% are so beautiful that god will pardon us for calling them guys.
Disclaimer:All the things mentioned here are some wild fantasies from an idle mind. If any of the incidents has happened in real, please don't blame the me and the author(that is me), will not be responsible for any of the outcomes.

Monday, 9 April 2007

Great Weekend(continued)

As soon as she saw me, don't know whether she had a presumption, she jumped out of her seat and went straight to conductor and asked whether any other seat is available. She must be a moron, which girl will ever thrash the chance of spending a night(in bus)with a handsome, young and a single gentle man. Luckily she didn't get a seat and had to satisfy herself with what god has given her. I gave her a devilish smile as if the lion has got his prey. The cool dude as if to impress "my" girl opened his newly bought laptop and tried doing something, he clicked here and there and pressed some keys and tried to play a CD. The result:Windows Vista is no better. I and "my girl" couldn't stop laughing at his plight, the entire guys in my row started laughing. The other persons in my row were some trekking dudes. After the bus started they started drinking cokes mixed with you know what and they even offered me a drink.
Lesson 1:Don't accept eatables from strangers.
Lesson 2:Eatables also include drinkable.
They thought that I will politely decline their request because of the two rules. But I desperately wanted to have a drink because the seat I was sitting was not a comfortable one, and also I wanted to sleep well. I took a gulp a large gulp from their bottle and smiled at them innocently. I was happy that I got what I wanted. After that they didn't offer me anything, Lays, Fags etc. They just didn't want to run out of stocks of their materials. I slept beautifully with cool wind on my face and a monkey cap around my head. I woke up only to the conductor's shrill noise that banged my ears informing me of reaching the destination.
The next three days were great. Away from all the busy schedules, all the deadlines, I enjoyed the freedom my life. Its great to be in a solitary peace.

Great Weekend

Last weekend I went to a calm and quiet place called Kuduremukh. Its a great place to spent a weekend after a hectic week of work.
It happened to be the first time I went to Majestic alone in a city bus. Its a bit scary after many of my friends losing cell phones and wallets amidst the crowd. The last thing I wanted is to lose my cell phone. Guinness Book of world records is monitoring my movements carefully that if they find me lose my cellphone again my name will be embossed in golden letters in that book. Anyway I reached the bus station safely and I started searching for the platform 23.
After an hour of searching platform 23 I felt I am not gonna catch my bus in this life or the next
Since I am ignorant of the language Kannada and most of the conductors didn't seem to like communicate in English, I resorted to our "Mathrubhasha" Hindi.
Me:Platform 23,kahaa??(+actions)
Conductor 1:Pointing to east.Vahaam
Conductor 2:(saying to other guy in Kannada)then pointing to south,platform 23 udhar hain??
Me:(confused)Kahaan...bah..jabaah..mein wahaam kaise ja...saktha??
You can't blame them if they believed that I was a jump out from a mental asylum. I cannot express what happened there in words. It all happened through actions and some noise which doesn't have any scripts. They were kind enough to accompany me to the platform. The second problem:All the buses are having their board in Kannada, I studied carefully the Kannada version of kudremukh and I got into a bus which had a board similar to that figure. Man, I learnt Kannada, I got into the right bus. To my left was a cute looking girl, to my right was a "COOL DUDE".
*********continued(there is an upload limit in my office )************

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Lord of the Materials:The fellowship of the Materials

I remember those days when I and maman had "Combined Study". We were studying so hard that one day we decided to write down the things that we usually do while having combined study based on the frequency. The list was as follows.
1. Calling each other un-parliamentary words.
3.Watching movies
5.Disturbing ajmal.
6.Contemplating the future of RADICALS.
7.Preparing the "study materials for the exam".
We were so hardworking that we often require others help to crack even a single question of the exam. So we resorted to illegal methods to find a way to get our B.Tech degree. Almost our entire gang* was into this malpractices whose inspiration was none other than Maman, his name will go down in to record books for that, Maman really was a god of malpractices, the way he does it is an art. He looks like an innocent boy, sits like an innocent boy and does everything like a satanic boy.
I and maman studied EMMI(if you want to find about it got got EEE website and check whether its there) for 7 long hours from 10.30 to 3.30 and still we were not confident what to write for the exam tomorrow. We ended up writing materials for the exam next day and it took only an hour to complete that.
Maman:"*SIGH* We wasted a lot of our time."
Maman: We wasted a lot of time studying. If he had those tie also we could have had a lot of materials for the exam.
Everyone of our gang took materials to the exam and came out with flying colours, none of us scored less than 16 out of 20 marks.'
There started an un-ending saga of hard work, endurance and the courage of some young men for the next three years.

*by the way my class was polarized into two, a group of studious kinda boys who were the apple of all the girl's eyes and the group of young men who never disturbed the class and some times so humble that we never dared to look into teacher's eyes, instead we showed them the back of our head, that's not sleeping, we were polite..thats all
PS:All materials, study materials and all other illegal activities refers to the products of Chits4Exam Inc

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Non duality, self realization and a bottle of whisky

"What is called 'mind' is a wondrous power residing in the Self. It causes all thoughts to arise. Apart from thoughts, there is no such thing as mind. Therefore, thought is the nature of mind. Apart from thoughts, there is no independent entity called the world. In deep sleep there are no thoughts, and there is no world. In the states of waking and dream, there are thoughts, and there is a world also."Inspired by Ramana Maharshi
Its all about life, all about being conscious of our mere existence. Nothing can exist on its own. Everything is dependent on others. There are no opposites in this universe only relations. Light exists only because there is darkness. The sole reason that the god exists is the existence of the evil. It is a single entity. It is the non duality.
Now, I come back to my self. These sort of spiritual words of wisdom will definitely make one void of emotions for his life. The world itself be in a state of non existence. Imagine what if everyone comes out of their mundane activities and realize their self. There will be peace there will be eternal bliss. We are just lost souls in this rapid swiftness of this life. Nobody realizes who they are, what they are. Nobody dares to ask himself "Who Am I?" The life is wasted.
At the end of the day the soul succumbs to the routine affairs from which nodody is able to come out. The truth is nobody wants to come out of the ordinary course that may create a spark of rebellion whcih may change the world. Nobody wants to bear that torch. Nobody wants to be revolutionary. Everyone wants to be an ordinary man. Everyone wants just to be a lesser mortal in this life or the next.
Life is just a bottle of whisky which may take us to a state of bliss, but momentarily..only momentarily.....
" It means that light and shade, long and short, black and white, can only be experienced in relation to each other; light is not independent of shade, nor black of white. There are no opposites, only relationships."Lankavatara Sutra

Saturday, 31 March 2007

Totally Glad Its Friday!!

Actually one of my colleague, obviously female, asked what is so big about Friday.Friday is obviously the days every bachelor look for, except for some folks who toil on the golden Saturdays too. There are 3 obvious reasons that Friday is important.
1. No need to see angry manger's face for the next 2 days.
2. Bachelor is single, so no need to take his wife and children to shopping, movies etc etc.
3. Third reason know what??
After having a tough week behind its great to have a pint with friends, going out with friends. We are not into our usual college day activities because of this. The girls in my college really feared a group of four, I, maman, anilesh and ajmal. They just were not able to get past us without getting a comment. It was fun to see that fear in their eyes whenever they passed us. To all those girls who were victims to our songs and our commentary, we didn't want to hurt you in any sense. God forbid, no girls had courage to open mouth against us. We are grateful to you. If you girls ever pass me by and happens to remember this cute face, say a hi.
Back to Friday: During those good'ol college days we didn't have a discrimination towards any days. We treated each day equally. But only Saturday and Sunday were grateful for our attitude towards them and repaid it with a great weekend during the hard times(5 working days).
Being a bachelor we can do anything we want, we won't be followed by the wife's spying eyes. We can drink endlessly(if you drink) not caring about the time to reach home, we can date any girl(if they are willing to date us) without facing a woman's wrath etc etc. The fact that these are not physically possible on a week day, makes friday night extremely important. I think I have cleared my colleague's doubt.
Actually we had a Chennai trip planned for the weekend to pay a visit to our Chennai comrades, but had to drop because of this. Now I have to sort out the plans for the weekend. I may buy a new mobile, the 4 th one in four months. *SIGH*Its not dad's money if it was I could kiss my life a good bye.
PS: For all the cute girls out there, a handsome, young and gentleman is available for the weekend. I meant cute girl, not you:-)
STATUTORY WARNING: Being a bachelor may seriously injure your health due to to relentless self abuse of various substances. Enjoy life. Enjoy it safely.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

My close encounter with a prostitute of the third kind

I saw her in a winding street on a hot summer afternoon. She smiled at me. Her smile had something that still haunts me. Her eyes had the sparkle that took me to a myriad of dreams whenever I looked into it. Her touch had the fire that melts me to the death. Her lips had the warmth of a mother's milk. Whenever she caressed me I let myself fall into a state of eternal bliss. I never wanted to come back. Her gentle stroking of my hair made me calm in every state of distress . Her kisses made me to succumb. I was her slave. I thought she belonged to me.
One day she saw more money and she never came back. I could feel my stomach sink, gravity had no meaning. I felt as if I am dying. I could feel my body rise into the eternal sunshine of the heaven. I could feel my body burn. My existence has come to an end.

I saw her again, in the winding road to heaven. She was still smiling at me.

Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Why I blog a little too much?

I am here no for a competition but throw light on what an average human being thinks and does. Right to expression is my fundamental right. I hurt nobody's beliefs or egos. I am expressing myself in the blogosphere, I want to be heard. I am here not to impress anyone. As everyone, I also am interested in others opinion regarding my thought. That's why I write this. My style of writing may not be humorous like some others. Everything is relative. Life, Happiness, Intelligence , everything. Nothing is absolute in this monotonous world. Even love is relative. I had a feeling that love is absolute. I was again proved wrong in my life. The life has boringly became a destination of getting a multi million dollar salary and adding a jaguar to the garage where a Mercedes is already present. Nobody has time for others. Even god seems to be uninterested. People resort to various sort of intoxication to relax themselves from all those tensions.
Jim Morrison is truly a genius
"Have you forgotten the keys
To the kingdom
Have you been borne yet
& are you alive?"
Life laughs sarcastically at us. We run till we find ourself in a situation where people look upon as a successful human being. Yet again a life fails. We want others to say we are happy and successful. At that point our heart says "You failed miserably." Life is cruel, not only at times but always. A person is happy only when he is kid, where he is pampered my mother's love, father's care. He enjoys the warm milk from his mother's breasts. Nothing in this world could beat a mother's love. Be it a poor man's boy or a billionaire's son he is treated like a prince. He starts going to school, happiness ends and worries starts, he starts worrying about tomorrow. Life ends.

"He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home."