Friday, 15 June 2007

On the road Off the road

I have decided many things in the past few weeks; to be precise I have made three big decisions which will have drastic effects on my small life on my big body.

1. Shifting the house

2. Buying a new phone.

3. Losing weight :-)

The first one was their in our mind for quite a long time. There are many things that made us to take the decisions. Dust, airbuses, Boeings and fighter jets are having detrimental effects on our peaceful lives. Whatever we do to keep our house clean something fails every time. We donno why? The house has become more or less dump yard of beer bottles, whisky bottles, empty pizza and Lays packets. The whole house stinks. The electric wiring system is totally perfect that even the best bookie in the world cannot give the odds to which fuse will blow off when we turn on a switch. The drainage system you assume anything about it and you are right. Then Bulshee, the clean factor in our home, he used to sleep in a room surrounded by his stinking clothes everywhere. We are still puzzled how he runs out of clean pair of dress even after two days of washing. The house was fun with the seniors in the floor above and us juniors below. We have had many good times. We were the kings of the good times. But the time has come, the time to part. Anish and Sankaran going to USA, Ragav going to Ahmedabad to have one more degree at the end of their names and one or two more zeroes to the salary they were getting.

The new phone. I am about to purchase the fifth phone this year. I had a Samsung, and then bought two motorolas for me and you know who (doesn’t exist now), after that I bought a Nokia on which I tried to test the impact of it on the wall which left all the intricate elements in it thwarted. So now I plan to buy Nokia E-50 or an i-mate, haven’t decided on it.

When I finished my college last year around this time I was weighing around 70 kg. After a long year of slogging in front of the machine and sipping calorified coffee from the vending machine and drinking beer every other day made my weight sky rocket from 70 to 85 in a matter of weeks. The spare around my waist has also grown a bit too large that I am a bit embarrassed to tuck in my shirt. There are also many personal reasons for my resorting to alcohol for a few weeks. I know you have guessed what my personal problems “was”. It happens in life, and when it happens it happens for good. Now I have a large amount of time, to think about my career, think about my life, and I have enough time to read something useful. Love really was a poison that had gripped me for more than two years. But I am a happy man now happier than before.

Now that we have zeroed in our new house which has a gym and swimming pool there is a high chance in losing weight. I have a plans and I have a partner in crime none other than Bulshee.

Life sometimes is funnier than you expect it to be.




Bullshee said...

yes,we'll go to the gym and become studs!

raghav said...

@bullshee: remember the munnar trip when u offered to swim to the other side of the dam and back .. now u can do it every weekend .. swim to the other side of the pool and back !!

@gunner : take care of this phone ! the new house may not withstand the shock treatments .. *grin*


dj_sai said...

70-85 kilos in a year...enthadei ithu???

nasia said...

Update us on the weight loss!! I m in dire need of inspiration..

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