Saturday, 23 June 2007

When the God departs!!

The time has come, the departure of Dein and the Master Wenger failing to commit to Arsenal has resulted in the inevitable, Thierry Henry, the God of Arsenal departs. All fans of EPL should shed a tear. Henry was such a talismanic striker, a prolific goal scorer that EPL has seen over years. While his unending love for the club and fans are known, nevertheless he departs.

Departure of Dein, over the controversy of taking over of Arsenal by sports mogul Kroenke has sent a chain of seismic waves across Arsenal. The loss is not for the board, but for us, the fans who loved the club, for the fans who considered Henry as their God. We will miss the va-va vroom. We will miss those goals.

Henry flirted with Barcelona for a while. A year ago when the French star agonised over whether to stay with the Gunners or head for the Nou Camp, there was a gravitational pull dragging him back to North London. The gravitational pull who was there at the right and left of him  when he committed to Arsenal. I still remember that short press conference.

Dein: Thierry has got something to say.

TH14: (with a smile)I have played in France I have played in Italy and I have played in England, but I’ve never played in Spain and in this life I will never play in Spain.

Thus he committed to Arsenal.

It was now or never for Henry. Sadly it is NOW.

This is no ordinary player quitting the Emirates, Henry is a man who epitomises everything which new Arsenal stood for. He played the beautiful game and, given licence by Wenger, transformed the team from one which had the reputation of “boring Arsenal” to “scoring Arsenal”. They were the great entertainers who went through a whole league season unbeaten, not by protecting their own penalty area but by playing the game with a swagger. Henry was Premiership box office. He was one of those players opposition supporters wanted to see. Who could forgot the way Portsmouth fans took him to their hearts while he was single-handedly destroying them. Henry was a man who lifted people off seats.

But without him, and without Kroenke and perhaps even Wenger, the magnificent new Emirates Stadium could soon feel very empty.


Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

even though i am a liverpool fan, I still would be sad that henry quit arsenal. I have written up a bit about the legend leaving the club

check it out here : << front page.

StandbyMind said...

it will be empty will be..
n hearts would be sunk..
Arsenal wont be the same again...
indeed the God departs!!!!!!!!!

totallyscrewdup said...

im friggin taggin u... better respond n better make it fast!!!!