Friday, 22 June 2007

Love, friendship and the ill-fated self

Here's how it goes, you and me, up and down but maybe this time

We'll get it right, worth the fight

'Cause love is something you can't shake

When it breaks

All it takes is some trying

If you feel like leaving

I'm not gonna beg you to stay

But soon you'll be finding

You can run, you can hide

But you can't escape my love

You can run, you can hide

But you can't escape my love

So, if you go

You should know

It's hard to just forget the past, so fast

It was good, it was bad but it was real

And that's, all you have, in the end, our love matters

The above is a snippet from Enrique Iglesias’ Escape. The song has a great importance in my life, the past, the present and may be the future too. This song has many things I wanted to tell, tell to whom I loved the most. But life never makes us do something that we yearn the most. Sometimes it pushes close the opposites, and sometimes it pulls lives apart. I have never been able to find solution to many things that happened in my life, whatever it may be. I never knew a small fight could have made a catastrophic effect in my life. But I know, it’s past, I have my present with me and my future ahead of me. I know I have a world to conquer.

Certain things always linger in our mind whatever we do or try to forget. Most times it will be the most aching memories that will remain in our minds forever. When we feel we are very much alone it comes to our mind and goes with leaving a drop of tear in our eyes. I don’t know why or how it happens, but it happens. Life is strange.

I had good times, I had hard times, particularly one hard time. It was my friends and family who supported me to get over all the turbulence I had. I am indebted to Bulshee, Kozhi, Sankaran, Ragav, Anish and Anilu who supported me strongly. Now I know one thing, apart from the family, friends not love that is important in our life. The love may leave when the time is bad but friends will never cheat us. They will there always to support you, to cheer you, irrespective of your situation.


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