Sunday, 30 September 2007

Why the trio must leave?

Sachin,Dravid and Ganguly the "trimurthis" of Indian cricket has become more or less like a burden to the young generation. They are legends, they have made enough records that few can surpass, but the time has come the time or the age where arthritis catch one's feet faster than their reaction time on pitch, the time to call it a day.
The new generation has enough experience under their belt, enough experience to carry on their own. They have learnt a lot from them. But to move forward, the trio must be shown the exit door. I'd rather suggest them to retire in a high note than getting showed the door.
I'd rather suggest an example that I like on this matter. The example called the "Arsenal", where the Professor has the ultimate word. He didn't hesitate to sell Vieira or Henry, both the times critics said he club is doomed. But the Professor is always right. The first one paved the way for arguably one of the best midfielders in the world, the second one made the team gel even better now that they don't have to play the ball to TH14. The team are playing with a swagger that nobody could have ever expected. They are young, they are intelligent, they are confident more over they are Wenger's disciples. It is too early to comment on the outcome. But "In Arsene We Trust"
Back2India. Nobody expected young Indians to win the cup when they went to SA for T20 world cup, but they came as heroes, as the world champions. When the time comes even the Gods must call it a day.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Juxtaposition(!!) of unconnected thoughts...hmmm

Ever since I have written this  things have gone worse. 7pm is more than just a dream for me. Defects are piling up, pending test cases are overflowing my excel sheet. I am confused about what to do next. I am passing through the daily mundane of an ordinary software engineer. My hands are frozen now, my lungs feel burnt and I feel suffocated. Media player is playing “Stairway to Heaven”, seems to be a little more than just an irony. I have started wearing anti-glare to protect my eyes from the obnoxious mails of my manager.

Things are bad. Even though I was confirmed a month ago I haven’t received my confirmation. Things are good. We are the world champions and the young gunners are back in track after two seasons.  Things are unpredictable. Jose Mourinho, one of the finest in his class go the axe. I am getting little time to vent my feelings on to the net as a post. Bulshee must be a sort of free bird, writing blogs whenever he wants, cooking spaghettis whenever he likes and indulging in all sorts of fun whenever he wishes to.

The season is so far so good for an Arsenal fan. Despite the departure of the GOD this season, younger demigods are in total control of the table. Scoring goals like rain in a tropical forest. I watch most of the games under the influence of one or other sort of intoxications. It makes me more passionate, more passionate towards the club, more passionate towards the club. I feel good whenever I feel passionate about the game. I had always felt bad whenever my you know who asked me not to watch the game or be less passionate about the game. I was asked not to be myself. Now that nobody is in control of my wishes or my life, I can watch the game as long as I want to and enjoy the drink as long as my body can take.

Certain things never change, so is the concern of my manger towards the well being of his co-workers. He made me slog for three more extra hours when I wanted to leave early to see my dad. By the way I am off to home this week. 5 days of “eternal” bliss. I enjoy solitude, I enjoy darkness, I enjoy cool breeze, I detest open doors and windows, I love the sky, I love the grass. I love going for a long bike ride alone after a heavy rain.

BJPs statements regarding Ram-Sethu are rubbish, foolish and moronic. I am deeply concerned with the existence of life in this beautiful planet. I don’t know why sometimes I hate myself.

I have learnt that C programmers die, and then they will be casted into the call stack.