Wednesday, 11 July 2007

C programmers never die. They are just cast into void.

Brand new month, brand new project, and brand new way to get scr****. I never expected that I will get such a long break after the previous project. * hours of break, that was great indeed. Anyway I can’t go back in to the past and see whether things would get better or not.

But I have made a plan. Reach office by 9. Slog till 7, with a little entertainment in between and go home. Even if they threaten me that they’ll put me into a nuclear dump yard for not staying late in the cold cubicle, I won’t give a sh*t. That’s it. I am not here to become a king. I am here, just to slog, slog for the official 8 or 9 hours, go home, have a warm meal, have a cozy sleep.

It may affect my appraisal, it may affect my bonus or whatever fuc***ng things they may give me for their slave and work 16 hours a day. I want live like a man, not like a slave. I’d rather earn less and be a man than be a slave and earn more. I have learnt a lot.

“C programmers never die. They are just cast into void.”


Bullshee said...

This plan of yours just ain't working boy!

Anonymous said...

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