Thursday, 30 August 2007

Long time, Onam and the Manager

It’s a long time since I’ve blogged. Time just doesn’t permit. What I have planned just not seems to be working. Endless hours of slogging… 24 hours a day just ain’t enough for me to finish my activities. Testing, coding and sending those bullshit excel sheets, updating the daily status, filling the timesheets for doing all those bullshits, life is full of surprises, indeed.

Meanwhile I am back from home, celebrating Onam with my family. The journey to home was a little less than adventurous. I am telling about the bus journey. The private bus operators who operate between Kerala and Bangalore make a lot of moolah during these festive seasons. Tens of thousand poor souls are at their mercy; those wicked souls make most of it. Last year I had the experience of sitting in a bus, whose shock absorber was made from elastic of the first ‘jockey’ ever made, for 20 long hours to reach home. So when my bro called me this time for booking ticket I clearly made my point to book a ticket in an AC Volvo so that I have a smooth journey home. But god disposes. It took me more than 24 hours and 4 vehicles to reach home the other day. But I was happy, happy that I’m home.

I thought usual age that guys marry is around 26-29, but I was actually proved wrong by an old high school friend of mine (who is 22 years old now), who got married a year before. Worse still he has a kid now, who is 6 months old. I don’t know whether anything “worse” had happened so that he had to marry, whatever, it came as terrible surprise to me when I came to know the situation of an old pal who sat next to me in 10th standard. I donno when god will try to make me a “gentle man”. As of now I am not.

New season of football has begun. I lose a great deal of time watching the game and following up the updates these days. But I say there is nothing more great than to see your favourite team winning. You feel the pride, you pound your chest hard out of joy because your team has just scored the winning goal. Sometimes winning is everything. You feel your stomach sink when the opposition bury the ball in your post, some times it seems like you are going to die.

This is dedicated to my manager who sanctioned me only one day leave for Onam when I asked for 4 days leave. Long live the manager.



Bullshee said...

Truly the work of a frustrated man!! Ha ha ha ha!

Its written well da, continue like this...

shock absorber jin said...

I can just imagine how grueling that ride was with a shock absorber that badly needs a replacement.

palaboy said...

i wouldnt dare to ride a bus with that kind of shocks.