Monday, 28 May 2007

Tequila Monarco and the art of breaking the beer bottle on a "WALL"


Last Saturday was a working day for me. It was an emergency working day, because the code we had delivered after two months of hardship crumbled like the top order of Indian cricket team at the World Cup at the hands of testing team. They brutally tested it and destroyed it. My first project as a developer: MISSSION FAILED. The worst thing was that a party was arranged for that day and I had to stay in office very late.

The Tequila: Kondu brought two bottles of fine Tequila for us to savour. I am an inexperienced guy, who has seen Tequila in the glass shelves of some wine malls. The price was too high for an average working class that I feared to touch it. Tequila Monarco, two bottles of it were resting at the kitchen for the past two weeks. We were looking for an occasion to indulge in the happiness that is Monarco. A showdown was scheduled. 26th May, the D’day. Guest from land as far as BTM were invited for the occasion. The stage is perfectly set. Bulshee the master planner made everything perfect to the minute level. Shot glass, Beer(18 bottles of it), enough lemons and salt.

Buckets were properly arranged so that in case of an emergency no one needs to rush to nearest bathroom or to the outside “WALL”. I had notorious reputation in college for which Bulshee was the most serious sufferer. Two times I must say he suffered. One time in his room, the next time right on him. Yet Bulshee is a gentleman.

The need for 18 bottles of beer for 9 person were easily justified on the very first minute itself. A two minute double salvo by Bulshee and Anish made the beer count reduced to 16. Tequila began to flow. Music was played aloud. Everyone drifted into a journey to the unknown. Seeing the opportunity I, Maman and Anish escaped to the kitchen with a bottle where we took shots one after another only to face Bulshee’s wrath for cheating.

One gentleman who was a complete teetotaller broke his vow by taking his first sip of the pleasure. We poor drinkers had a modest start sipping to the sourness of some cheap rum.

Thakku(name is not real to maintain anonymity), who is extremely vulnerable to alcohol already had a bottle of beer and three shots of tequila opened upyet another bottle of beer and suddenly ran out of the house breaking yet another bottle and pouring beer all over the house and getting himself “WALL”ed again. But his determination is tremendous. He even had the courage to have yet another beer. He is strong physically unlike his looks. Thakku I salute you!!

Next morning I woke up only to hear that Maman and Anish were knocked out completely and their body had rejected everything that they consumed later into the night.

Yet it was a great night. The next day we had a luncheon at IndiJoes, a treat by Raghav for his IIMA call


Bullshee said...

Thanks macha for two things~
1. For posting this!A memory I'll always treasure! The tee-totaller's loss of his virginty(cough cough) was the highlight! The way we cheered when he downed that shot!! mwahahahaha!
2.For calling me a gentleman!That's never happened before!

anish said...

yes i second sharat. bullshee is a gentleman in this regard ;)
i remember a couple of virginity break ceremonies that day but can't recollect the second one.. who wazzat?
and i have no intention of mastering this art.. more tequila-beer parties r welcome ;)

arshat said...

The bucket system tht you guys have implemented is really innovative...I hope you have more than one bucket in your apartment.I mean,hope you have a seperate bucket reserved for bathing.

Anonymous said...

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