Wednesday, 9 May 2007

The week that was!!

May 1st to May 6th, long long 6 days off from the work. Really there are no work to do these days. Even if its there it'll be over in a minute or two. The six days holiday were great. Having got nothing to do and having a new 2mbps connection at home will open the doors to many restricted sites especially when the mind is idle. Bulshee even complained about not bringing any of those stuffs. How I can say to him that what I did with that extraordinary internet connection was trying to download some game for 6-10 year old that I was addicted to when I was in 11th and 12th standard. Bulshee, don't worry man I'll bring the stuff you need the next time I go home.
The last week was a week that was. Ragav got into IIM-A and Anilu into IIM-B, two of the fellow bloggers!!
At home my dad and mom complained about I getting obese. The only exercise I do these days is walking to cafeteria for a cup of coffee. I know I'm getting fatter. But how can I avoid those usual pints. Without it life is nothing. Since Kondu left for US, I have been drinking alone. Watching some match or movies, I enjoying sipping those great whiskies. Now that Kondu has returned I have got my partner in crime back. The only thing he is interested in this life are cigarettes and liquor. He is as lean as match stick. But he drinks like a fish and smokes like a steam train. The way his nickname sounds you can understand why he's called so. I met him on the first year of college and we became great friends. When I,Anilu and Maman talked about whiskies and smoking he preached total abstinence. In his life there were only three commandments, those given by his father.
1.Son, Don't smoke
2.Alcohol is poison
3.Sonny Boy, Stay away from the babes.
But he lives now on these commandments.
1. I have a PUC certificate which is to be updated every next day
2. There is no life without those drinks.
3. Man is a social animal and he is not a racist to not socialize with a race called babes.
But Kondu, you are fun.
The arrival of Kondu and Chelsea losing the title at Emirates, all occurred yesterday. Red Devils can take the trophy back to Old Trafford after four long years. Chelsea chased quadruple. But now they've only FAcup to fight for. I accept Arsenal trophy cabinet has been empty for last two years. Jose Mourinho even dared to call Liverpool a small club before their crucial UCL semi final 2nd leg which they eventually lost to Liverpool. He doesn't have humility, he doesn't have respect. He even mocked the way Cristiano Ronaldo was brought up. He mocked the double player of the year's lack of schooling. I accept the fact that Jose Mourinho's man management is second to none. He is like a school boy who keeps on whining about his defeat. He never accept the fact that his team is outplayed. He has the skills to make a club bankrupt even with winning trophies.That's the Jose Mourinho way. He doesn't' know about the history and size of Anfield. He doesn't know the craftsmanship of Sir Alex.He doesn't know the supreme talent hunter in Arsene Wenger. He knows only one thing he is the "very special one."



Your friendly neighbourhood psychopath said...

hey ur blog has one very important and interesting thing..... it makes us nostalgic... ok maybe not everyone but certainly me....

n yeah... grrrrr.... for all the stuff u ve written bout chelsea.... n chelsea was chasing a quadruple n its not left with just FA cup now..... it already won the Carling Cup ( DEFEATING ARSENAL IN THE FINALS ) ....

Gunner said...

@anilu:i love wiritng about chelsea than liverpool or ManU because they are a sort od club like,one day abramovich came along and he poured down all his money into it..
Nostalgia..those moments will linger in us till death..

Bullshee said...

the kondu part was nice and was yaaaawwwnnnn.....
constructive criticism:Grammar.

JustSo said...

wow! good one there