Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Seconds From Disaster: CAT'05

11 pm 19th November 2005, E Hostel, NIT Calicut.
The day before the CAT. Even though I was not at all prepared to face the challenge, I was brimming with confidence. After having a session of gossips at Kozhi aka Thaseem's room with Ajmal, Anilesh and Cheri I went to my room for a comfortable sleep. I was making my bed with the door unclosed. A mob of bast***s entered the room who don't even mind pimping their mother. The debate started.
The biggest ma-fcker of all started the conversation.
MF: You wanna hit me, right?
me: Why did you hit Anilesh and Kunji?
MF: I came to resolve the problem.
me: Catching by neck is the way you resolve it?
I saw a hand heading straight to my face.
[Lights went off]
I am not sure whether I fell down by their beat up or intentionally jumped to a corner so as to avoid much of their beating. One thing I was sure that I yelled like hell which caught the attention of Anilesh, Ajmal and every other neighbour. They came to the rescue. Much to their dismay my room was heavily guarded by the watch dogs of the biggest ma-fcker. More than 25 people to beat up a poor guy like me. In a minute or two they finished their work and ran back to their so called mother's womb, F-Hostel. I was bleeding profusely
Meanwhile all the radis has assembled before the F Hostel. If a fight would have broken out it'll be against all the predictions whcih will result atleast 5 serious casualties. Meanwhile some profs came to the scene of incident.
Angry Timman beating on car's bonnet: Sir, Ningal enthenkilum cheythillenkil njangal avere kollum[If you don't do anything we'll kill'em].
I went to hospital just for the sake of it. Entire college union got suspended because of the incident.
Disasters don't just happen happen. They are a chain of critical events. I unravel the fateful incidents which lead to the seconds from disaster.
15 th November 2005. The day before the economics exam:
The magazine committee brings out a so called newsletter hurting some people's sentiments. We[from here the we means the people who are thirsty for blood, I,Anilesh,Kunji,Maman,Ragav,Mambu,Parachetta,JT and to some extent Manjeri] were totally unconcerned of the incident. Some of the final years put a poster criticizing the newsletter. Those newsletters were burnt.
One foolish third year dared to tear that poster away inviting our wrath. Some in "we"are still unmoved. Many final years under the leadership of the one and only trouble maker ParaChetta moves to see the "foolish gentleman who tore that poster". Parachetta's dialogue over there are extremely X rated and cannot be quoted here.
Behind the scene, another junior engaged in another debate with Mambu and tells him that he will tear away any poster that the final years will put. "Phum" he got his first bash right on his face. Credits: Manik Scoot Mambu.
Ma-fcker along with a person whos size is little bigger than a mouse comes to the scene thinking that he can resolve anything under the sky. The first thing he did was catching Kunji by the neck. Anilesh smashed MF right on his face. He caught Anilesh by the neck. Now it was my turn to give him a knock. I gave him a double. Curtains lowered for the moment. Everyone back to their rooms. I, Anilesh and Maman in my room started discussing about the fun in the fight. We heard some noise downstairs, we knew something is happening something really nasty. What we saw was one of our fellow comrade getting beaten by six or seven bast***s. We rushed to the scene. I engaged in a duel with one of the bast***s which ended in a stalemate. Meanwhile I saw Anilesh knocking MF like a dog. I wasted no chance. I gave him a flying kick that took MF to the window side. I gave him my share of bash. I ended up in a corner while fighting. I heard the guy who got his urinary bladder blocked in the last fight yelling"Rush in we got him(that's me) in the corner, have your chance" Thommi and Gym rushed to the scene pulling apart everine who surrounded me. I was spared. We won the fight. No casualities.
Little did I know that after three days inevitable was going to happen. They went to Anilesh's room first, but failes in their mission then came to mine. Rest is history.



nasia said...

Felt like an action movie..
All i can say is Anilesh`s luck and your very bad luck.
How badly were you hurt?
The one and only advantage being, you can tell your grandchildren your feuds.

Your friendly neighbourhood psychopath said...

mannnn!!!! ur best post till date.... pretty nice narration.... havent forgotten a single thing have u..... neither has any of us doood..... n ya had i been there in my room that day this post wud never have been released cos i wud have been dead mate..... :)

Gunner said...

@hw can we forget that dude? It was one of the biggst incident in our college life? do remmeber what Murali said to you that day?

Bullshee said...

The Wonder Years....as far as we were concerned, right?! Seems like it happened such a long time ago!
Great narration---u got everything in there!