Thursday, 17 May 2007

Strep throat, Manjeri's bullet and defects from the moon

There are good times, there are bad times. Last week I had a fine scotch, J&B. But that has one irreparable damages to my throat. I've got a strep throat, a big bad strep throat. When the pain became no longer bearable, I searched the net for sore throat symptoms, medicines and side-effects. I got much of my answers in the first two sections. But there was one shocking information in the third section. If not treated well the sore throat can lead to the damage of heart valves. That was too much for me. Damaged heart valve at this age!!! But now I'm almost ok, thanks to the antibiotics. They are on work killing all the bacteria. So friends when you get some throat ache or swallowing becomes painful,its better to refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol. The Doctor has warned me not to touch alcohol for two months and totally abstain from smoking in this life or the next. I fear I cannot take a shot of original Mexican Tequila that Kondu has brought from US, exclusively for us. Life, at times is cruel.(*sigh*)
The most entertaining man in our house, MANJERI. He is going to buy a bullet, a big, old and bad bullet. No one can imagine Manjeri driving a motorcycle, that even bullet. He was famous in college for doing adventure sports with a bike with Kunji on their way to Wayanad. We were lucky that "Radicals Jt Conveners" were spared by the God Almighty. His demands from the 10 year old bullet is quite modest.

1. Condition: Extremely good and low maintenance.

2. Mileage: 40-45kmpl.

3. Price: Under 20k
What a modest demands for a ten year old bullet. Manjeri, I have heard a certain good news for you from a friend who "really" has a Thunderbird.
1. Even his brand new bike is giving him hell lot of troubles.

2. Another guy who owns a three year old bullet always carries a spare clutch cable with him because it breaks every now and then.

3. They are "still" improving the design with every versions, that means there is no optimal versions so far.

4. Only if you are a bullet freak or a mechanic, you buy a ten year old bullet because it'll be fun running all the time for buying new parts and changing old things.
I really didn't expect the most elegant Indian made motor cycle had these many problems. Manjeri, now it's up to you to make the decision.
Need to do some f***ing teasing and need to find five f***ing defects everyday. That is the order from above. I hope I get some defect, at least some from the moon.


I want to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all those French beaches I'd never see. I want to breathe smoke. I want to destroy something beautiful.


Bullshee said...

hey!stop raining on manjeri's parade!!Let him do what he wants.....paavam spent one year starving and eating at Thanal to buy this bike.Don't make him guilty about it!! You go chaase your bullet manjeri! If it breaks down, it'll be easier to catch!

Shruti said...

Hi, just came here roaming..
Nice to read it..
Take care..

kudva said...

Bull is a Bull is A BULL is THE BULL.

no more comments are required i feel.

Anonymous said...

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