Monday, 9 April 2007

Great Weekend(continued)

As soon as she saw me, don't know whether she had a presumption, she jumped out of her seat and went straight to conductor and asked whether any other seat is available. She must be a moron, which girl will ever thrash the chance of spending a night(in bus)with a handsome, young and a single gentle man. Luckily she didn't get a seat and had to satisfy herself with what god has given her. I gave her a devilish smile as if the lion has got his prey. The cool dude as if to impress "my" girl opened his newly bought laptop and tried doing something, he clicked here and there and pressed some keys and tried to play a CD. The result:Windows Vista is no better. I and "my girl" couldn't stop laughing at his plight, the entire guys in my row started laughing. The other persons in my row were some trekking dudes. After the bus started they started drinking cokes mixed with you know what and they even offered me a drink.
Lesson 1:Don't accept eatables from strangers.
Lesson 2:Eatables also include drinkable.
They thought that I will politely decline their request because of the two rules. But I desperately wanted to have a drink because the seat I was sitting was not a comfortable one, and also I wanted to sleep well. I took a gulp a large gulp from their bottle and smiled at them innocently. I was happy that I got what I wanted. After that they didn't offer me anything, Lays, Fags etc. They just didn't want to run out of stocks of their materials. I slept beautifully with cool wind on my face and a monkey cap around my head. I woke up only to the conductor's shrill noise that banged my ears informing me of reaching the destination.
The next three days were great. Away from all the busy schedules, all the deadlines, I enjoyed the freedom my life. Its great to be in a solitary peace.


XioniX said...


whatever happened to that gal... Any progress??? Or got stuck like our hero Raghav at the Airport.. :)

Bullshee said...

Ha ha!!Why are all my roomies meeting new people on journeys??!whatever happened to the girl?!!

Gunner said...

@all::since i was sound asleep i couldn't figure out where she got down??
She is a mystery girl

Anonymous said...

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