Saturday, 14 April 2007

Lord of the Materials:The Two Years

Yesterday was the annual day in our company. I thought it will unwind myself from the daily mundane. But before our team left for the function we had a short meeting regarding some blah..blah.. which if i tell that I was interested in it will be the joke of the century. While I was travelling in the hyperspace as spaceman spiff( If you don't know who spiff is.) during the meeting, Manager said,"Hey guys*,you need to come tomorrow. " I wondered what the hell he was talking about, has he gone mad or is it that he wants to show the power on his fellow subordinates as if they are his slaves. It destroys the entire mood of Friday. Whatever there is nothing as bad as spending a Saturday afternoon in the office and slogging.
I will come back to the topic. We were the masters in cheating and malpractices for the next two years. I will be understating the contribution of Mr.Kuresh Sumar S.K(name changed) towards our achievement if I don't mention his name in this. We have never found any teacher as inspiring as him. He was a man of mettle. We were lucky to have him for 2 consecutive years, I even had the courage to take an elective offered by him(I was 3rd from the top in the class of 17 in the elective he offered before the final exam, after the final exam I was 3rd fro the bottom). For us attending his lectures or learning his concept is similar to the interest of George Bush's towards World Peace. All the doors to pass the examination was shut except the "golden path", which never deserted us. We relentlessly resorted to it everywhere we could. May it be a lab exam or even if its just a class tutorial we were addicted to cheating. The first thing we used to do for an exam was preparing the materials. We feared none. We were self proclaimed masters. We were second to none in cheating.
We had economics in 7th semester, for which we took the entire 4 modules in 4 bit of paper. The funniest part is that we wrote the answers module-wise. If the first bit we got was for 4th module, all the questions relevant to the module will be answered in a single shot. Like wise 1,23. Teachers would have amazed of our skills of writing according to the modules. We were proud of it, in fact wickedly proud of it.
"Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment."

*Our team is like our college, its 90% the guys the rest 10% are so beautiful that god will pardon us for calling them guys.
Disclaimer:All the things mentioned here are some wild fantasies from an idle mind. If any of the incidents has happened in real, please don't blame the me and the author(that is me), will not be responsible for any of the outcomes.

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