Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Lord of the Materials:The fellowship of the Materials

I remember those days when I and maman had "Combined Study". We were studying so hard that one day we decided to write down the things that we usually do while having combined study based on the frequency. The list was as follows.
1. Calling each other un-parliamentary words.
3.Watching movies
5.Disturbing ajmal.
6.Contemplating the future of RADICALS.
7.Preparing the "study materials for the exam".
We were so hardworking that we often require others help to crack even a single question of the exam. So we resorted to illegal methods to find a way to get our B.Tech degree. Almost our entire gang* was into this malpractices whose inspiration was none other than Maman, his name will go down in to record books for that, Maman really was a god of malpractices, the way he does it is an art. He looks like an innocent boy, sits like an innocent boy and does everything like a satanic boy.
I and maman studied EMMI(if you want to find about it got got EEE website and check whether its there) for 7 long hours from 10.30 to 3.30 and still we were not confident what to write for the exam tomorrow. We ended up writing materials for the exam next day and it took only an hour to complete that.
Maman:"*SIGH* We wasted a lot of our time."
Maman: We wasted a lot of time studying. If he had those tie also we could have had a lot of materials for the exam.
Everyone of our gang took materials to the exam and came out with flying colours, none of us scored less than 16 out of 20 marks.'
There started an un-ending saga of hard work, endurance and the courage of some young men for the next three years.

*by the way my class was polarized into two, a group of studious kinda boys who were the apple of all the girl's eyes and the group of young men who never disturbed the class and some times so humble that we never dared to look into teacher's eyes, instead we showed them the back of our head, that's not sleeping, we were polite..thats all
PS:All materials, study materials and all other illegal activities refers to the products of Chits4Exam Inc


Bullshee said...

truthful post!
we remember your 'combined study' bouts with maman well!

Your friendly neighbourhood psychopath said...

hahaha... satanic boy.... too true..... rite now that lucifer's spawn is busy getting bribes from each n every truck driver that dares to enter his plant..... hehehe... remember ur un-parliamentary exchanges a bit-too-well....