Monday, 9 April 2007

Great Weekend

Last weekend I went to a calm and quiet place called Kuduremukh. Its a great place to spent a weekend after a hectic week of work.
It happened to be the first time I went to Majestic alone in a city bus. Its a bit scary after many of my friends losing cell phones and wallets amidst the crowd. The last thing I wanted is to lose my cell phone. Guinness Book of world records is monitoring my movements carefully that if they find me lose my cellphone again my name will be embossed in golden letters in that book. Anyway I reached the bus station safely and I started searching for the platform 23.
After an hour of searching platform 23 I felt I am not gonna catch my bus in this life or the next
Since I am ignorant of the language Kannada and most of the conductors didn't seem to like communicate in English, I resorted to our "Mathrubhasha" Hindi.
Me:Platform 23,kahaa??(+actions)
Conductor 1:Pointing to east.Vahaam
Conductor 2:(saying to other guy in Kannada)then pointing to south,platform 23 udhar hain??
Me:(confused)Kahaan...bah..jabaah..mein wahaam kaise ja...saktha??
You can't blame them if they believed that I was a jump out from a mental asylum. I cannot express what happened there in words. It all happened through actions and some noise which doesn't have any scripts. They were kind enough to accompany me to the platform. The second problem:All the buses are having their board in Kannada, I studied carefully the Kannada version of kudremukh and I got into a bus which had a board similar to that figure. Man, I learnt Kannada, I got into the right bus. To my left was a cute looking girl, to my right was a "COOL DUDE".
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Anonymous said...

Kannada is simple, and much easier to learn than Tamil or Telugu.

To get to the platform?

"Platform 23 ellide? (kahan)?"
To this, his uttara will be

"alli or aa kade (wahan)"

go alli or aa kade, and then ask the bus conductor:

"kudremukh hogatta (jaayega)?"

he'll either say "howdu" or "illa".

Once you reach kudremukh, or any other place in Karnataka, to go find out if there's a hotel,

"hotel ellide?" or "hotel hatra (nasdeeq) dalli (mein) ellide"?

to which he will mention the name and then say

"seeda hogi, modala (first) right (balakke) or left (edakke) togoLi (lelo). Alle (wahan hi) kaanatte (dikhega) hotel."

Once you reach the hotel,

"eshtu (kitna)?"

"nooru - 100, innooru - 200, munnooru - 300, naanooru - 500"

"room service idya (hai yaa..)?"

"ide (hai)"

"oota (khaane ke liye) enu (kya) ide?"

He'll give you a long list.

"sari, (haan), ondu (ek) meals kodi (dedo)"