Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Lord of the Materials:The End of the King(not the SATAN)

It is not easy to be a human being. We are constantly hassled by our life. It is all about survival. It is all about how huge your bank balance can get. It is not how beautiful your life can get. I still dream of a day when there are no worries, a cool breeze caressing my hair like a true love, with lush green trees giving me the shade that only a mother can provide. I always see a light at the end of the tunnel, but always it had been the light of an incoming train that will run me over. This is life. There is no place for love, care and innocence. The priority is always money, money and more selfishness.
Back to college days...
We were an army of 7 point someones under the aegis of god almighty(MAMAN), Anilu and Ragav are the exceptions, they were 8 point someones, luckily we were not 5 point someones. I thought whatever I do, even if I tell the invigilator that I am going to indulge in some sort of malpractices the almighty would have made him deaf by the time I start speaking. We were brimming with confidence. We were addicted to it in such a way that even if the question was 1+1, we either had to consult with the neighbouring guy or refer to the materials that we have.
One day, I'll never forget that day. It was the last sessional examination of our B.Tech examination. BMI, Bio-medical Instrumentation. The professor who taught that subject was an eccentric man, he even made fun out of a junior girl who tried to suicide. Back to exam, the invigilator was none other than my project guide who is the most cunning and crooked fellow in the institution. The question was something regarding lung capacity, or a heart beat.. I don't exactly remember. But anyway the invigilator saw me putting back the chit I had brought specially for that question elegantly into my packet. THE END. He tore away my answer sheet. I felt my world tumbling down. I felt it was the end of the universe. I smelled death. If the thing goes to higher authority the result is debarring from the college for 3 years, the last thing I wanted. I pleaded before him.
Sir:Tell the truth, you resorted to this activity for all the exams,right?
Me:No,No..This is the first time in my life I have done this. If I were experienced will you able to catch me?It was because of my inexperience you were able to catch me cheating, Sorry sir. I will not repeat it.
He was kind enough to forgive me and I even got A grade for my project also. Thank You a lot. It was the end of all sort of malpractices. I wrote the first exam of my college life and the last exam without resorting to any sort of malpractices. I still smile whenever I think of that occasion.


Pappu On Game said...

Aliyaaaaaaaaaa Do somthing i could comment.

But the starting words. I like it. But it happens only a little time after we get out from the mother's tummy

XioniX said...

he he.. mayebe we should list down all the methods we used to copy.

especially goin to Bijin's room... he always had an extra trick up his sleeve :)