Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Life cycle,cigarettes and a broken washing machine

Life is not so easy these days. 24 hours seem to be not enough for me. I have a lot of work. Little time to enjoy the rain. Little time to feel the cool breeze against my face, Little time to enjoy the beautiful girls passing by. My mind wanders a lot these days; I am addicted to my Media Player; I fear I am going to become yet another common man, I fear my life cycle not going to be any different from that of the manager who sits three cubicles from me. When I was young I wanted to be astrophysicist. But now I am sitting in front of a PC doing some hardcore coding and testing which I never thought I could do in this life or the next. People say life is unpredictable, but it is not, you follow the same cycle, you are cast into the same mundane cycle as everyone else. When I was young I thought I could be a revolutionary. I know a day will come when I will be more worried about the Sensex rather than the impoverished population around me. I know a day will come when I will be more worried about my taxes than the results of Arsenal. The wait for the D-day has begun.

I still don’t know who invented cigarettes. It was a sort of style statement or a sort of machismo in college; It bonded relationships, it broke relationships. We passed it around as we talked about the tensions in the Soviet Bloc. We felt a sort of pride when we had it between our fingers. We felt it was the only thing needed to survive in a cold winter, whiskey is the exception. I resorted to all sort of intoxications that I could. With cigarette in hand I felt like a man, simply that was it. That days are gone I am not a college student anymore moreover my lungs would have called it a day earlier than the expected date if I had continued the habit. No cigarettes. Smoke-Free World, life seems to surrealistic everyday.

Our washing machine is down. The most essential gizmo in a bachelor’s life. Load all your dirty clothes, turn on the tap, turn some regulators, deliberately pour detergent on to it. Sit back relax. Rest is history. Even though I and Kondu are ready to buy a new one Bulshee doesn’t seem to have enough you know what.

Anyway I need to get back to the good old testing.


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Bullshee said...

Yes yes!

I am dirt poor

Unlike some other people who make 50,000 bonus!!!

And some other people who got to the U.S every two months!

:( :( :(