Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Why I blog a little too much?

I am here no for a competition but throw light on what an average human being thinks and does. Right to expression is my fundamental right. I hurt nobody's beliefs or egos. I am expressing myself in the blogosphere, I want to be heard. I am here not to impress anyone. As everyone, I also am interested in others opinion regarding my thought. That's why I write this. My style of writing may not be humorous like some others. Everything is relative. Life, Happiness, Intelligence , everything. Nothing is absolute in this monotonous world. Even love is relative. I had a feeling that love is absolute. I was again proved wrong in my life. The life has boringly became a destination of getting a multi million dollar salary and adding a jaguar to the garage where a Mercedes is already present. Nobody has time for others. Even god seems to be uninterested. People resort to various sort of intoxication to relax themselves from all those tensions.
Jim Morrison is truly a genius
"Have you forgotten the keys
To the kingdom
Have you been borne yet
& are you alive?"
Life laughs sarcastically at us. We run till we find ourself in a situation where people look upon as a successful human being. Yet again a life fails. We want others to say we are happy and successful. At that point our heart says "You failed miserably." Life is cruel, not only at times but always. A person is happy only when he is kid, where he is pampered my mother's love, father's care. He enjoys the warm milk from his mother's breasts. Nothing in this world could beat a mother's love. Be it a poor man's boy or a billionaire's son he is treated like a prince. He starts going to school, happiness ends and worries starts, he starts worrying about tomorrow. Life ends.

"He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home."


Anonymous said...

Well put..
these thougts do come in the mind.
things are sometimes dull and boring..
but it takes only one spark, to launch you into a new world. a spark of delight, a spark of a wild joke, a spark of inspiration, a spark of curiosity!!

i think the need of the hour is a carburettor and a spark plug..

Pappu On Game said...

Life!! Its a few moments to be enjoyed. Each moment, there is something to be enjoyed even if it is a failing moment. "Life" it is how u approach that.