Friday, 23 March 2007

To die or not to die...

March 23:Can a match get bigger than the life itself? Yes it can. The match between India and Sri Lanka to be played later today will definitely end up in tears of billions people. But nobody knows whether what will it be? Will it be a tears of joy or tears of desperation for India? Will they be boarding the same flight with the neighbours? I hope they won't. Even though I am not an avid cricket fan like many of my friends, I keep my fingers crossed. I think India will win because the match would have been fixed by the syndicate involving ICC, so that ICC will not have to suffer a huge loss of 150 crore rupees in the event of India being shown the exit by our humble neighbours. The ever increasing followers of cricket in the sub-continent have resulted in casualties because the outcome of the match was shocking. Hope nothing will happen to anyone even if India loses to Sri Lanka today. Nothing is bigger than our beautiful life.
By March 24 it could be all over for India in terms of cricket. But another nation England where football is as big as cricket in India another test which is a matter of life and death for their team and coach. Steve Maclaren who jetted into Israel for England’s Euro 2008 clash would have been warned lose and you will be sacked.The timebomb has been set ticking for the England team and their coach, but it will be coach who gets the axe.
I don't know how sport got this bigger than life of image in the heart of millions including me. I remember myself crying and throwing everything in my sight when India lost to Sri Lanka shamelessly in 1996, it was hard to digest. After a year I changed my area of interest to football. Yet again the love of the game hasn't failed to grip my heart. I could feel my heart pump faster whenever Arsenal gets into the opposition's box or vice versa. I fear sometimes that I may get an heart attack because my heart stacks revving up like a race car at times

The prayers of millions may answer.If you are happy as a loser you will always be a loser.

" When you're are playing for the championship, it's not a matter of life or death. Its more important than that."

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