Thursday, 29 March 2007

My close encounter with a prostitute of the third kind

I saw her in a winding street on a hot summer afternoon. She smiled at me. Her smile had something that still haunts me. Her eyes had the sparkle that took me to a myriad of dreams whenever I looked into it. Her touch had the fire that melts me to the death. Her lips had the warmth of a mother's milk. Whenever she caressed me I let myself fall into a state of eternal bliss. I never wanted to come back. Her gentle stroking of my hair made me calm in every state of distress . Her kisses made me to succumb. I was her slave. I thought she belonged to me.
One day she saw more money and she never came back. I could feel my stomach sink, gravity had no meaning. I felt as if I am dying. I could feel my body rise into the eternal sunshine of the heaven. I could feel my body burn. My existence has come to an end.

I saw her again, in the winding road to heaven. She was still smiling at me.

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Bullshee said...

A gateway for some vented frustration?