Monday, 19 March 2007

The Legend continues!!!

The connection between the title of this post and the matter is as close as the relation between me and coding. The need for his blog came from mere necessity to prove that I am a male. Everyone around me has a blog. I don't want people to think that I am an illiterate just because of the fact that I don't have a blog.
The last two days were great as far as cricket is not concerned. Nothing much to worry about the life that lies in front blinking at me saying "Son, you gotta do something with me!". The break from the mundane slogging like a slave in an usual IT company is really a blessing. In college we didn't care about the days that passed by but here we really do. Writing this I remember the blog I have created on the last day at the college, I still remember that moment, It was a cold summer night at NITC in the room number 326 E hostel where history still sleeps when I wrote this..

The 1st post

hmmm.....I must have had a brainstorm. I don't know what to write in my 1st posting. The last night of my BTech life but still lack technical knowledge. I can remember the day I joined here, all the time I had with my friends, the frustrations(exams) we had, the joyful moments we shared and all other sort of funny activities we did. All flashing through my memory like it has occurred the day before. Don't know what I'll be feeling when we bid a good bye to the college. I was sure of one thing when I hit the final year "I won't miss this college. What I'll be missing is the college life." But the life proved it to be wrong. I'll miss those clapped out classes we had, the chits we passed in during lectures, those "get outs" we received while having serious talks of wisdom in front of teachers, teasing those beautiful girls that passed by us, the smirks we had while annoying someone, those unplanned trips we had,those booze parties, those late night goes on. That was the day that was! Nothing in this world can replace those years."The best days of my life." It was a paradise.

Bygone are those days where we didn't know what worries where. The only worries we had were those bad elections. Now the life itself has turned out to be a big worry. The work, the manager's wrath, the appraisal, the tax, the bonus, the spending, the traffic , everything. The transition is very difficult. We still are boys but are expected to be men. Its too bad

"I pressed her thigh and death smiled"- Jim Morrison. This sentence still haunts me, don't know why.


Bullshee said...

Yes!Those were the best days....which I remember with fond abandon! Sigh!

Bullshee said...
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