Saturday, 31 March 2007

Totally Glad Its Friday!!

Actually one of my colleague, obviously female, asked what is so big about Friday.Friday is obviously the days every bachelor look for, except for some folks who toil on the golden Saturdays too. There are 3 obvious reasons that Friday is important.
1. No need to see angry manger's face for the next 2 days.
2. Bachelor is single, so no need to take his wife and children to shopping, movies etc etc.
3. Third reason know what??
After having a tough week behind its great to have a pint with friends, going out with friends. We are not into our usual college day activities because of this. The girls in my college really feared a group of four, I, maman, anilesh and ajmal. They just were not able to get past us without getting a comment. It was fun to see that fear in their eyes whenever they passed us. To all those girls who were victims to our songs and our commentary, we didn't want to hurt you in any sense. God forbid, no girls had courage to open mouth against us. We are grateful to you. If you girls ever pass me by and happens to remember this cute face, say a hi.
Back to Friday: During those good'ol college days we didn't have a discrimination towards any days. We treated each day equally. But only Saturday and Sunday were grateful for our attitude towards them and repaid it with a great weekend during the hard times(5 working days).
Being a bachelor we can do anything we want, we won't be followed by the wife's spying eyes. We can drink endlessly(if you drink) not caring about the time to reach home, we can date any girl(if they are willing to date us) without facing a woman's wrath etc etc. The fact that these are not physically possible on a week day, makes friday night extremely important. I think I have cleared my colleague's doubt.
Actually we had a Chennai trip planned for the weekend to pay a visit to our Chennai comrades, but had to drop because of this. Now I have to sort out the plans for the weekend. I may buy a new mobile, the 4 th one in four months. *SIGH*Its not dad's money if it was I could kiss my life a good bye.
PS: For all the cute girls out there, a handsome, young and gentleman is available for the weekend. I meant cute girl, not you:-)
STATUTORY WARNING: Being a bachelor may seriously injure your health due to to relentless self abuse of various substances. Enjoy life. Enjoy it safely.


Thanku said...

Very true ..We feel happy on thursday also because the next day is a friday...heheh

raghav said...

so did u buy the new mobile ??

Gunner said...


Your friendly neighbourhood psychopath said...

ahhhh those college days...... dei blore guys come down to mumbai instead of goin to chennai man.... all that is nothing when compard to this city that never sleeps.... added plus point u get chetta to ur own and can tease him to hell.... hehehehe
@ gunner : nice post.... fridays really r great...