Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The Love and the true love

Today it seems to be more or less free in the office. All my seniors are working in developing some sort of environment to test all the blunders I have written during the past few week(They call it a code, really I don't know how). My mind wandered into some other unknown place, you know an idle mind is devil's workshop. I thought about my friends, relatives my career, Arsenal etc. I thought about my girl friend for the past three years and I decided to write this.
My friends knew that I am disturbed mentally for the past few weeks. The girl I thought who would be with me for my entire life broke up with me. I don't know what is the exact reason, even she failed to give me one exactly. She has refused to talk to me for the past two weeks. May be her parents would have got her some guy who has great looks and is working in some sort of companies in USA. She mailed me that our relation will never ever work out. She gave such a sort of merciless ending for our love for the past 3 years.
It is humane to do mistakes. I have made mistakes and I regret it now. She didn't want to give me another chance. She wanted to end our love in such an abrupt manner. All I know is what she hates is my mistakes, not me or my love. She knows more than anyone that my love for her was so real and pure that she cannot hide form it wherever she is. This will rip her off the love she is supposed to give to a better person, as her friend claims to be , that her parents may find one day. She is unnecessarily playing dice with her life praying that if it rolls seven I am the better person. I know she won't be able to replace me in her life. But I have to move on. One day my mom will(may)find a girl with whom I will spend my rest of my life happily

Meanwhile today I haven't done anything till now. I hope I get some work tomorrow. There is no pleasure in having nothing to do. The real fun is having a lot to do and not doing it. Its a heartening sight to see the managers run around madly in offfice just because we haven't finished our work.

"Love isn't a decision. It's a feeling. If we could decide who we loved, it would be much simpler, but much less magical."


Bullshee said...

Good to see you being so positive!
Whats done is done!
Girls are and always be a bit stupider(despite what feminism tell us).
The female mind is a flitty thing, moving from one place to another very fast......
Screw the past and look to the future my friend......
Your mom will pick you an awesome female compared to you-know-who(believe me, i know!)...and I'll be at the wedding to throw the flowers and give you a GPL!!!
:D :D

Gunner said...

thnx for your support dude. and regarding "(believe me, i know!)" . i din understand wt u meant

Thanku said...

hey just a comment to tell you that I read this blog :)