Friday, 23 March 2007

Written a long time back.....

I wrote this long time back when it was te world cup football...I had a fight with mom regarding what to watch which ended up mom winning and I writing this...

The Great Divide:The Men, the sports, the women

Actually my mom was the motivation for me to do this post. She was so adamant about watching those television soaps , that has nothing to do with human intellect infact nibbling away our capacity to think, just like a maggot in a mango, while i will be seriously watching the biggest sporting event in this world. Nobody could be blamed upon for this, even that ekta kapoor and her likes. They have a foothold just because there are a lot of people watching and crying this so called serial craps.
Sports s just like what Hummer fans say "Either you like it or you simply hate it." I belong to thefirst legion who always love to drink, eat and sleep sports. There is no way to reconcile these two incompatible personas.
Nothing in this world divide humanity more ruthlessly as sports do. For one it will be his passion for life time but for other nothing in this world seems to be more puerile. Even a person who is having biceps of the size of a pencil may have a sporting knowledge starting from encyclopaedic and ends somewhere near psychatric. But to the far side of this habit there are persons, mostly women, wondering why this football thing gets all the attention.
They are not knowing the fact that for some "Life lies in an 8-inch diameter."

" When you're a winner you're always happy, but if you're happy as a loser you'll always be a loser."

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