Thursday, 22 March 2007

Yet another day in paradise

Having nothing to do for two days in my company is rarer than the rainfall in Sahara desert. I have started liking my job for the past 2 days. Today I reached office at 10 am, went to have breakfast and after a round in library, I started listening to Kula Shaker, shared by one of my colleagues.These guys are awesome. Some of their songs are extremely profound. One of their song Timeworm can be compared to the likes of legendary Morrison's Bird Of Prey.
While I was spiralling myself in the world of music, my manager called me and asked me something regarding "the testing" done durifng the past few weeks. I ducked myself off from his questions and carefully gave the burden to another guy who was on leave for the past two days. May God bless my soul. I started my journey again into the music through the infiniteness of the www till I reached here. Regarding this, I don't have much liberal ideas that some of my friends have. They may argue that a guy who is well educated as me should be modern in outlook. But I just can't digest it that way, please forgive me.
Coming back to music, the trip through the world of music is extremely interesting even without the consumption of things unknown to the mankind. I don't know how to critically evaluate Jim Morrison or Pink Floyd. But their songs are always orphic in nature with a flair unknown to the mankind. Thats why they are categorized under psychedelic rock. I know this posting is marred by many links, but that is the beauty of wikipedia.

" Oh brother please we are born to this world again
How can we see when we're travelling in time
Love is the key and the key is the name my friend
When will we see that we're travelling in time
Know that your soul is on fire like a million suns
Burn like a star and be travelling in time"--Timeworm, KulaShaker

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